Quiver’s Guide to Federal Clerkships

by quiver (Back to Guides)   This is a guide for those interested in judicial clerkships. It is by no means comprehensive, but I’ve tried to cover the essentials. I should note that, while I will mention state clerkships at various points, the focus of this guide will be on federal clerkships. Okay, let’s get to it. I. What is a Clerkship? II. Why Should I Clerk? III. What is the Clerkship Hiring Timeline? IV. How Do I Get a (Federal) Clerkship? V. How Do I Perform Once I Start Clerking? VI. What are My Job Opportunities After Clerking? VII….

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How to Do Well on a Law Exam

by TheSeaLocust (Back to Guides)   Hello! I’m Eric, d/b/a TheSeaLocust and sometimes Scribe or disco_barred, depending on how far back into posting histories you go. I tied for top GPA my 1L-year at UVA, and have been writing guides and providing advice on exam success since then. These days I’m a software engineer/web developer/computer guy because lol lawyers are awful, but I still run an exam strategy course every fall. This is my first guide, originally posted in 2010: Introduction, background, the law school mass-delusion OK, here it goes: When you are in law school, you have to learn…

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T22’s (Lazy-ish) Guide to #1 at a TT

by T22 (Back to Guides)   Hey guys! So, Top Law Schools gave me a TON of guidance before/during my first semester of law school and I want to pay it forward. Yes, I’m only a second semester 1L, but the first semester is really the absolute most important semester of your career and I finished mine rank 1 thanks to all the folks over at TLS. I cannot echo enough, before I start this, that there are so many ways to succeed in law school, not just my way. Please, look at all the collective wisdom on here and…

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Advice for Transferring to Another Law School

by Nebby (Back to Guides)   May your Arrow fly straight and your aim be true. Advice for Transferring to Another Law School I. Introduction II. Why Transfer? III. Where to Apply? IV. What Factors are Considered in Transfer Admissions? V. What are Competitive 1L Stats for Top 14 Schools? VI. Do Softs Matter? VII. The Application Requirements VIII. Personal Statement IX. Letters of Recommendations X. Early Action/Early Decision Transfer XI. Is it Worth It to Go? XII. Other FAQ XIII. Recommendations I. Introduction This post should help all the 1L’s out there who have crushed their first year of…

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Public Interest for T14s: Employment Data, Resources, & Testimonials

by Nebby (Back to Guides)   As a practicing-PI attorney, I can say with confidence that this YLS fact-sheet is an excellent primer for PI interested law students: To understand the charts below For employment trends charts, the year is the class year, e.g., 2016 is the class of 2016. For employment trends charts, the percentages are based on the number of full-time (long-term) PI-employed graduates divided by the total number of graduates. The total number of PI-employed graduates are in parenthesis. For these purposes, “PI” includes what the ABA required disclosure defines as “Public Interest” and “Government.” Thus,…

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MPT Guide

by bvest (Back to Guides)   What is the MPT? The MPT is a skills-based exam created and distributed by National Conference of Bar Examiners (the same folks who do the MBE, MEE, UBE, and MPRE). NCBE produces two for each exam administration. State bar examiners, however, may administer two exams, only one exam, or zero. Each MPT is a 90-minute exam that includes a memo from your fictional partner or judge giving you an assignment, general instructions for completing such an assignment, a “case file” with relevant facts about your case, and a library of two or three authorities…

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Income-Based Repayment, LRAP, and PSLF

by twenty (Back to Guides)   Hello LSL friends, This is a longish post about LRAP/IBR/PSLF. I will expand on the post as people have questions and comments, but the baseline is a simple explanation of these programs, what these acronyms mean, and why you should pay attention to them. Basics of Income Driven Repayment Law school is expensive – like, unreasonably so. Georgetown Law’s tuition costs alone are now just under $60,000/year at sticker price. With an additional $20,000/year in housing costs, law textbook costs, commuter costs, interest on loans during school, etc., it is entirely possible for a…

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Rowdy’s Guide to the LSAT

by Rowdy (Back to Guides)   Who are you and why should I listen to you? I did a really good job on the LSAT. My preparation was 100% self-study plus a couple of outside resources. I think most ambitious LSAT takers over-engineer their studying and end up holding themselves back or being inefficient with their time. I do not tutor or anything, I just took the LSAT and have opinions. There are other opinions out there. Feel free to take from this guide whatever helps you self-actualize. For whom is this guide intended? This guide is nominally geared towards…

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Emkay’s Guide to 1L Success

by Emkay (Back to Guides)   This OP chronicles my advice to 1Ls about making a study plan. It is largely based on my own plan as a 1L during the fall semester. I hope others will find it useful, and I’ll continue to edit the OP over the course of the next several weeks. I hope to work on it a bit each day until it’s fleshed out. If you have comments or suggestions or anything you’d like me to add, please let me know. Got a different opinion/approach than me? Awesome. Please make a guide outlining your approach…

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Quiver’s Guide to 1L Success

by Quiver (Back to Guides)   Below is a description of my study method for 1L year. The purpose of this guide is simply to provide another data point for 0Ls and 1Ls looking to craft a study plan–there is no ONE way to succeed in law school. So, the first thing I’d suggest is to read all the advice threads here (Emkay’s guide and TSL’s guide are both excellent) and in the TLS wasteland (Arrow’s guide and xeoh85’s guide are great as well). These all have fantastic advice, and reading them will allow you to pick and choose which…

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  1. ymmv • Post Author •
    March 7, 2018 at 2:10 pm

    If anyone is looking for a guide on a specific topic, feel free to request it here or on the Forums!

  2. Hstrat
    March 27, 2018 at 8:44 am

    TLS’ content competition has a guide titled “Punching Above Your Weight: Strategies for OCI,” which has since been deleted. Does anyone still have a copy of that (or any of the other deleted guides From TLS), or would be willing to write a new one for LSL?

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