job posting: Saipan PD office

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job posting: Saipan PD office

Post by Borhas » Fri Mar 16, 2018 8:15 am

The commonwealth of Northern Marianas PDO (Saipan) is hiring. One of my friends finished a 2yr stint there and his replacement backed out so they are sort of desperate. It isnt a US state but I believe it would still be qualifying PSLF employment. They are looking for someone with 3 years crim law defense experience barred in any US state (but they hired my friend who only had 2) Min 2 year commitment. Pay is 45-65k.

light work load

tropical paradise, travel by plane boat to court, swimming at beach during lunch

PDO will pay roundtrip relocation costs.

it is as middle of nowhere as it gets

typhoons can happen

hit me up if seriously interested



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