Details on Newly-Released LSATs: PTs 90, 91, and 92!

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Details on Newly-Released LSATs: PTs 90, 91, and 92!

Post by DKilloranPowerScore » Fri Sep 17, 2021 5:17 pm

LSAC has just released three new "official" PrepTests, listed as PTs 90+, 91+, and 92+ on LawHub. As the + sign indicates, each of these tests contains three sections of scored content as well as an additional, experimental section, exactly mirroring the format of the LSAT going forward (beginning with the August 2021 exam and in place for the foreseeable future).

What follows are details on each of those tests, including sourcing and info on the experimentals. Note: there are some spoilers below about which sections are real and which are not, so proceed with caution if you'd prefer not to know the experimental placements.
  • PT 90+ (May 2020): This is one of the test forms used for the first-ever Flex in May 2020. It is a duplicate of the "May 2020" test that was released last fall, but with an experimental section added on. In this case the experimental is the first LR section (with 25 questions).
  • PT 91+ (May 2020): This is taken from the other test form presented on the May 2020 Flex. This PT's experimental section is the first set of LG (with 22 questions).
  • PT 92+ (June 2020): The final new test represents one of the forms used for the June 2020 Flex. Most interestingly, this is also the February 2012 LSAT: they reused the Feb 2011 and 2012 tests for June 2020, and 92+ is the Feb 12 content! This exam also has experimental games, specifically the second set of LG (with 22 questions; originally seen as a February 2017 experimental section).
I'll continue to post updates as we explore these tests further and discover more!

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