Next 9 LSAT Dates, Plus Format Changes

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Next 9 LSAT Dates, Plus Format Changes

Post by DKilloranPowerScore » Wed Feb 17, 2021 12:03 pm

LSAC has just announced the next 9 LSAT dates as well as some future test format changes! The nine new LSAT dates are:

June 12th, 2021 (last Flex)
August 14th, 2021 (adds Exp + break)
October 9th, 2021
November 13th, 2021

January 15th, 2022
February 12th, 2022
March 12th, 2022
April 30th, 2022
June 11th, 2022

These start dates are the first day of each test administration, and each exam could run anywhere from 2-6 days depending the number of test takers

The June 2021 exam is the last LSAT-Flex, and then starting in August a fourth, unscored section will be added (the return of the Experimental!), along with a 10 minute break between sections 2 and 3. The exam is still online, and taken at home.

Registration for the June 2021 LSAT will open next Monday (2/22) and run through 11:59 pm EST on Thursday, April 29th. This end date is intentional: 4/29 is the score release date for the April test, so anyone waiting on April results before making June plans will have the rest of that day to decide. Registration for subsequent tests—August 2021 and beyond—will begin in mid-May of this year (exact date TBD).

I spoke with LSAC about these changes for a while last night, so if you have any questions, please let me know.

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