Breaking news: LSAC releases a digital test subscription service

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Breaking news: LSAC releases a digital test subscription service

Post by PowerScoreAdmin » Tue Mar 03, 2020 11:39 am

Breaking news time! LSAC has just announced a new Digital LSAT subscription service available as of March 3rd, 2020 to provide students with over 70 tests' worth of content. The program's name, Official LSAT Prep Plus, will be $99 for 12 months' access to the following exams:

• PrepTests 19, 20, 22-88, June 2007, and Form 96 (PrepTest II Test C)

While we realize $99 isn't exactly pocket change, it does work out to something around $1.40 per test...a pretty inarguable bargain compared to what they previously cost (and an absolute steal alongside other standardized tests' price points).

PowerScore released a PodCast exploring this exciting development in more detail—but for those reading, below you'll find the most pertinent questions and their answers.

Q: Why aren’t tests 1-18, 21, and 89 included?
A: They haven’t been digitized yet. Those "missing" tests may be added later (especially 89) but this process takes time.

Q: Will every subsequently-released LSAT get added?
A: Probably, but not immediately (see above).

Q: Where can you sign up?
A: At LSAC's website. Happily, this means everything is neatly consolidated at the same site: practice tests, LSAT registration, score results, CAS, etc.

Q: Will they stop printing paper tests/books of 10?
A: No, they will keep those around for at least a while for international and accommodated test takers. They will review the offerings as time passes but for the foreseeable future they intend to keep paper copies in print. This digital subscription is, however, undeniably a better deal price-wise than all current alternatives.

Q: Is the only way to get digital content to pay the new fee?
A: No! When you sign up for an LSAC account you automatically will get access to PrepTests 71 and 73 (December 2013 and September 2014). These tests will both be free, and will be known as Official LSAT Prep.

Q: Will June 2007 still be a free LSAT?
A: For now it will remain free, but they will monitor the situation and intend to eventually remove it as a free test.

Q: What if I can't afford the $99 fee? Does anyone get the new subscription program for free?
A: Yes, individuals who are granted a fee waiver for their test registration costs will receive a free subscription. Additionally, anyone granted a fee waiver over the past two years will also get a free subscription.

Q: Will LSAC’s platform be accommodations friendly/accessible?
A: To an extent, yes. It will use the current tools of the platform to allow for color adjustments, text size changes, and all the rest (the same alterations you could make to their digital tests previously). However, custom timing may not be offered for a while.
(Note: tests on our platform do still offer a custom-timing feature)

And as for PowerScore's plans related to this new service, the most common question we're hearing concerns our own test sales site, specifically wondering whether we intend to shut it down. The answer? Not for now. Eventually we might change what's offered, but it depends on how things develop. For instance, the LSAC program will provide no performance analytics or explanations, so we feel that our system that includes those features is still exceptionally worthwhile, and the data gathered isn't shared with the test makers so that level of privacy remains beneficial.

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