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What kind of financial background qualifies for maximum aid at HYS?

General admissions strategy questions, what are my chances, discussion of specific application materials like financial aid and scholarships.
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What kind of financial background qualifies for maximum aid at HYS?

Post by Marco »

I was wondering if anyone had any insight into what kind of financial situation you'd need to come from to expect a substantial package from one of these schools. I hear they're the only ones that provide a significant amount of need based aid, but there doesn't appear to be any insight online as to what their formulas may be in a concrete sense. The fin aid documents these schools have up contain a lot of information but remain opaque as to the particulars.

For example, parental household income of 30k, 50k, 70k etc = a certain ballpark of aid? I know there are a lot of confounding factors that go into final amount but I'm just trying to figure out how generous / parsimonious they are in a general sense.
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Re: What kind of financial background qualifies for maximum aid at HYS?

Post by Nebby »

Hard to answer cuz they consider more than just household income to calculate parental contribution. That said, household income under 70k should qualify for all or most of the need-based aid offerings. ... resources/
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Re: What kind of financial background qualifies for maximum aid at HYS?

Post by heythatslife »

Here’s a sample financial aid package on the HLS website: ... -packages/

As for expected parental income, I believe HLS does count assets as well, so it’s not just income. But there’s a lot of factors that go into play on how much of that gets counted. Might have missed it but I’m not sure where it says income over 70k will be counted? A few people that I know were a little disappointed with their ultimate aid package because their family contribution amount came out to higher than what they were hoping for given they did not think their family was well-off at all.

I did get close to max aid at H. Sole surviving parent was essentially bankrupt at the time and I had a sibling in college whom I had partially supported, so all that counted as expected student/family contribution from me was the few thousand dollars left in my bank account. This was the one time in my life where it paid to be absolutely broke.
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