Speeding Ticket Addendum?

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Speeding Ticket Addendum?

Post by Baguette » Sun Aug 02, 2020 12:45 am

*please do not quote*

I have 3 speeding tickets - two mundane ones from high school and one pretty bad one from freshman year of college. I got clocked doing 78 in a 50, not having realized that the speed limit went from 70 to 50 as I changed highways on a long road trip out west. The officer who pulled me over was stern, almost pissed off, threatened to haul me into jail overnight for reckless driving, I apologized profusely and cried a little and he only ticketed me for "speeding"

On the ticket it says how fast I was going and what the legal limit was. My understanding of that state's law is that there's only one moving violation, "speeding", and then reckless/excessive driving is a subjective call by the traffic cop rather than a hard MPH threshold

Three questions:

1) Is that incident responsive to questions that exclude "minor traffic violations"? I often see vanilla speeding listed as a standard example of a minor traffic violation but 28 over doesn't feel "minor" to me
2) If so, and for schools where it's responsive anyway, should I say how fast I was going (and/or how far over the limit I was)? I'm worried about looking like a dangerous dipshit when really I'm only a stupid dipshit. But obviously I want to be appropriately forthright in my explanation of what Happened.
3) If I disclose how fast I was going, should I add a sentence about how upset, I was and how I've been much more careful about long journeys ever since? Or is that "overdoing the addendum"? Also worried that overexplaining would make me look even worse since I was already speeding 78 in a 70 (not that anyone cares in the buttcrack of nowhere. My mistake was keeping the lead foot when I passed through Butt City, Nowhere)

Thank you all for your thoughts. I have struggled to find anyone discussing this exact issue on the Web and I hope my example might educate future generations

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Re: Speeding Ticket Addendum?

Post by ymmv » Sun Aug 02, 2020 2:44 am

Talk to a character and fitness attorney if you’re worried about it. I’m not one, but I would assume a speeding ticket is the textbook definition of a minor traffic offense.

The PA Bar Examiners, at least, agree:
DEFINITION OF MINOR TRAFFIC VIOLATION: Minor traffic violations are those that do not result in a suspension of license, arrest, incarceration or lawsuit. You do not need to disclose parking tickets, unless your license was suspended as a result of your not paying them. Similarly, you do not need to disclose speeding, unless it resulted in license suspension. Offenses you must disclose include, but are not limited to: DWI, DUI, DWAI, driving while suspended, driving without insurance, leaving the scene of an accident, and failure to report an accident. Charges that carry potential incarceration must be disclosed.

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Re: Speeding Ticket Addendum?

Post by Nony » Sun Aug 02, 2020 9:59 am

I have to start with the caveat that if you’re concerned, consult an attorney, but 28 over isn’t excessive under the circumstances you describe. If it got you a speeding ticket, it’s vanilla speeding (and I’m pretty sure the cop who threatened you with reckless was sick of people speeding through his town but largely yanking your chain). The application asks for what you got charged with, not what you might have been charged with.

If you have to list speeding tickets, I would just be responsive to exactly what the question asks. If the question actually asks for a description, keep it short. “On DATE in LOCATION, I received a speeding ticket for driving 78 in a 50 mph zone after I missed the sign indicating that the limit had dropped to 50 mph. Since then I have been more careful to pay attention to my surroundings and have not had any additional tickets.” (Or something along those lines.)

No one is going to think you’re dangerously irresponsible for going (gasp) 28 over the mph (maybe if you were in 20 mph school zone or something...).

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Re: Speeding Ticket Addendum?

Post by pneumonia » Mon Aug 03, 2020 2:57 pm

You’re overthinking this. You need one sentence, maybe two: “To the best of my recollection, I have received three speeding tickets.” If it asks for dates then just add a second sentence that states the approximate year of each ticket.


1) No

2) No (even if responsive).

3) Absolutely not.

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Re: Speeding Ticket Addendum?

Post by pancakes3 » Mon Aug 03, 2020 3:18 pm

what are you addenduming? did you not answer the question?

like pneumonia said:

1) if excludes minor traffic violations, just say "no"
2) if includes, say "i have 3 speeding tickets"
3) if it asks for date/other info, answer accordingly

that's it. that's fine. the point of c&f isn't to make sure you're a perfect, it's to see if you're a liar or not. you sped. own it. and definitely don't harbor shame over it.

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