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3.69 179 MA URM

Join in the wild mass guessing about the odds of your numbers getting you into a particular school.
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3.69 179 MA URM

Post by GroverCleveland »

I feel like a few years ago this combo would have gotten me in pretty much everywhere but Y and S, not sure if that's still the case with the huge rise in 175+ scores. MyLSN gets pretty screwy when you factor in the URM piece, but even without it still likes me at HLS and everything below. Again, don't know how trustworthy that data is. I'd appreciate your input. Mediocre softs, WE, and huge state school UG.

Also, I lurked this board and the old place for years as a dumb college kid and I learned a lot from the people who made that place great and still hang around in the Lounge here. It's a shame how things went down at the old site, and that there's really nothing like the active community that place was circa 2017-ish. Anyway, now that I'm actually applying in the fall, I wanted to tip my cap, as corny as that sounds.
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Re: 3.69 179 MA URM

Post by Stranger »

Yes, things have gotten harder for splitters lately, but I have my doubts it's so rough that you would find many straight up rejections in among the t13. Probably a surprising wait list or two, and maybe not the kind of money you would have seen around the time the old site went to pot. But you're still a URM with a 179 LSAT and an okay GPA. I wouldn't be shocked to see you back late cycle with admission to Harvard or Columbia that you're weighing against significant money at Duke or Cornell. There will be good options, it's just a matter of learning which ones.
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Re: 3.69 179 MA URM

Post by Story »

Your chances are still pretty good. I would apply for the entire T14 and see what happens.
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Re: 3.69 179 MA URM

Post by pancakes3 »

i'm sure you know as much as the rest of the board if you've been lurking since TLS, so nothing to say but good luck and stick around!
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