3.88 / 166 AA URM

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3.88 / 166 AA URM

Post by thelawsklkidd » Fri Aug 02, 2019 1:02 am

Now that we have a better idea of what this next cycle will look like, what are my chances at HYS, T6, and t14 for getting in and getting money?

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Re: 3.88 / 166 AA URM

Post by Stranger » Fri Aug 02, 2019 8:07 am

Obviously, data for URMs, especially AAs, is sparse, so this is going to be less reliable than my usual analysis. Searching within one point of your LSAT score and .03 of your GPA, there are...a grand total of two AA applicants on LSN in the past four cycles. Both of them had amazing cycles, including admission to Yale. You should not take that as predictive, obviously - Yale has also rejected URMs with better numbers in that time. Here is a chart of all similar URMs from those four years:


If you can score admission to HYS, money is going to be entirely need-based, so you can probably calculate it at least roughly by knowing your circumstances. Beyond that, the other publicly available admissions tend to show there's not a lot of T6 money available, other than at NYU. There are a handful of decent scholarships floating around in the rest of the T13 as well (if you need to know about GULC and don't feel like clicking through, they admitted all nine reported applicants and gave two of them decent scholarships).

My take is that you should do what you need to in order to make your application shine, and then blanket the T13. (There isn't much data to go off of for what improving your LSAT might look like, but my quick search says three more points on that would solidify the odds everywhere but UVA, with no data for Cornell, so a retake may help with giving you more options, but isn't required to reach your goals.)

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