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T14-T20 numbers puzzle

Posted: Sat Jan 18, 2020 8:49 pm
by Faustian89
It seems high 160+ scoring AA test takers (top 2%) have increased in the past few years. The well known thread “blacks by the numbers” on TLS among 160+ scoring AA test takers had a total of around 340 whereas the 2017-2018 cycle saw an increase to around 590, including others since.

What’s puzzling is that when comparing the 509 of t14-t20 schools in the most recent times compared to a few years ago, most of the schools 25% LSAT medians (many for GPA as well) have either decreased or remained the same since then. If more AA test takers are scoring in this lsat and gpa interval, wouldn’t we expect to see pressure exerted increases on the lower medians assuming AA’s most likely comprise much of this interval? At the least, wouldn’t this make it more competitive among AA test takers scoring in this bracket at the top schools which would likely be reflected more by their 25% medians?

Could it be that more AA’s are getting shut out of the t14-t20? If that were the case I would expect the lower LSAT medians to reflect this. It could be that even though more AA’s are scoring high, they are enrolling at regionals with substantial scholarships, and yet if that were the case and more high scoring AA’s were going to higher ranked schools, you would again expect pressure to be exerted upon t14-t20 schools lower medians.