URM? International/non-traditional

Admissions strategy and application process for URM applicants.
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URM? International/non-traditional

Post by Chevi92 » Fri Sep 20, 2019 11:12 am

Hi everyone,
I'm kind of an uncommon case and could not find an exact reply to my questions. So here we go:
I've got a 162 in the LSAT and a 3.4 undergrad gpa.
I moved to the US, because of my dad's work, when I was 15 and due to previous foreign education, skipped a few years and graduated with 16.
I had a basic level of English and where I come from nobody moves cities for Universiry nor is there any application process. Therefore I went to an ok public school.
I didn't know what to major in and choose a hard STEM major. I kind of struggled and once I changed to something I liked my GPA was better. Since I did now know when I had to leave the US i took summer school and finish my undergrad in less than 3 years.
After that, due to work restrictions I did an MBA where I got an improved GPA.
I have 5 nationalities, one of them Mexican and I use to have a green card. I've lived in 3 different continents and have travelled to 70+ countries so I'm quite international. Therefore I want to do international law (i'm open to either private or public.)
My questions are:
1) Will I get an URM boost?
2) Should I ED somewhere?
I'm applying to pretty much all the top 14 schools and if I don't get in I'll retake or rethink my career path.
I currently live in a very expensive country and cannot afford to take a few months to study for the LSAT.
I've been working for the past 6 years in private and investment banking for 16+ hours a day so I could not focus as much as I wanted. However for personal reasons I do not want to delay anymore my applications.
BTW I've received fee waivers for almost all the schools that I want to apply to and I think that I have excellent albeit work LOR's.
Thank y'all very much for your time!

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Re: URM? International/non-traditional

Post by HelloYesThisIsDog » Mon Sep 23, 2019 8:06 pm

1) I will let someone else speak to the URM aspect more fully as I am not an expert, but just being of a particular nationality doesn't necessarily make you an URM. What are your other nationalities and do you identify with any other ethnic groups? It's hard to say without knowing more about you.

2) This has been covered multiple times in other threads: you should never apply ED (early decision) unless money is absolutely no object. That is, someone else is paying your tuition and living expenses and they don't care about the cost. If you are taking out loans or contributing significantly to the cost of your education, ED makes no sense financially.

Candidly, your LSAT could really use a boost if you want to break into the T14 with your GPA. You really should consider a retake.

What do you mean by wanting to practice international law? There really aren't "international law" practice areas at legal employers. Rather, the work will have an international aspect to it, such as a cross border transaction or litigation with a foreign company, in the courts or in arbitration. You would fall into that kind of work by being a litigator, or by being a corporate attorney, at a firm that has clients dealing with cross border issues regularly. And that is likely going to be a very large NYC firm that won't take you unless you break into the T14.

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