Anonymous Guest Posting Is Now Enabled

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Anonymous Guest Posting Is Now Enabled

Post by ymmv » Wed Feb 07, 2018 3:48 pm

As a temporary measure while we're building out an Anonymous posting feature, users can now post anonymously in the Legal Employment/Job Search forums, the Practice Area forum, and the Personal Statements forum by posting as a guest. To accomplish this easily, open a new Incognito (Google Chrome) or private browsing window (Safari) and post without signing on.

All anonymous guest posts are subject to moderator approval. This means that, as with the Technical Support forum, they won't be visible to other users until a mod has seen and approved the post.

Here are the keyboard shortcuts to open a window for guest posting:
Chrome (Windows): Shift + Ctrl + N
Chrome (Mac): Shift + Cmd + N
Safari: Shift + Cmd + N (hold down a few seconds)
Firefox (Windows): Shift + Ctrl + P
Firefox (Mac): Shift + Cmd + P

Alternatively, right click on the link to a forum or topic and select "Open link in new [incognito/private] window."


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