Following up with the City Attorney

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Following up with the City Attorney

Post by AnonymouseG » Mon Jun 14, 2021 11:17 am

Had an interview a month ago and thought it went well. I followed up 2 weeks ago and I was informed second interviews will begin scheduling May 30. I followed up last week if the second interviews commenced and did not receive any response. The office did say no offers would be made until after July due to fiscal year ending.

I'm a little anxious that I was not invited back for a second interview yet but it could also be that they're just taking their time. Is it okay to follow up directly with the hiring manager who interviewed me rather than the office clerk? Or just leave it alone?

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Re: Following up with the City Attorney

Post by Nony » Mon Jun 14, 2021 11:40 am

I’d leave it alone. If they want to schedule a second interview, they know how to reach you. If they don’t, you contacting them isn’t going to make any difference. Assume you don’t have the job until/unless you hear from them. (I wouldn’t have followed up the second time, to be honest; you already had a timeline for their next steps.) And to be clear, all kinds of things could have happened to delay their timeline and they may still reach out for a second interview, but contacting them isn’t going to make a difference - either they don’t have anything to tell you yet or they don’t want to tell you anything else yet.

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