Quitting without anything lined up

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Quitting without anything lined up

Post by Guest » Wed Oct 07, 2020 11:44 pm


I graduated ~7 years back, been an attorney with the Fed government for ~5 years now, and my job has not been working out very well for me, particularly since I started with my most current supervisor basically at the start of the year.

Without getting too into the details, this year I’ve had to work a lot of time off the clock—a lot a lot—to complete my workload under my current supervisor, and they’ve indicated they think I’m still not productive enough (among other criticisms of my work). I'm confident that complaining further up the chain would prove fruitless.

Not interested in continuing to kill myself working at this job. (Also, not interested in challenging my removal, if that’s what’s coming). Nearly out of annual leave (vacation), so I’m thinking of just resigning, without anything lined up.

I’ve seen several job postings out there that I’m fairly well qualified for, and plan to start applying soon. But even if I wasn’t forced out before another job came along, I don’t think I have it in me to keep up what I’ve been doing until whenever I might start a new job. Plus, I think I need a little break before I start something new—hoping to have the rest of this year to myself (I’ve got enough savings to last me 1-2 years).

I know the common wisdom is that finding a job is easier while employed, but just how bad is a resume gap? I have several good references outside my current supervisor, and am hopeful that I could explain the gap well enough.


Fed anon

Re: Quitting without anything lined up

Post by Fed anon » Sun Oct 25, 2020 12:07 pm

As a former fed attorney myself, have you thought about lateraling to another agency? It’s much easier in the fed to just go to another agency. Or another part of your same agency.

It seems like the problem is with your boss, not the agency.

I don’t think a resume gap would be killer. But you don’t know how long that gap will be.

I would apply for other government jobs before quitting your current one.

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