Calling all JD/MHA, JD/MPH, other joint degrees

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Calling all JD/MHA, JD/MPH, other joint degrees

Post by Bushwhacker » Thu Mar 21, 2019 8:18 pm

I’m considering adding an MHA to my JD at a t50 school at which I’m a 1L on a full ride scholarship. I haven’t had much exposure to healthcare law, so I’d love to hear from those who work in healthcare that have an MHA or MPH and those that do not. The Dean of the law school highly recommends that I add the MHA if I’m interested in practicing in the healthcare industry. How necessary is a joint degree?

I’d love to hear from other joint degrees (MBA specifically) if you consider the extra year to have been worth your time and (possibly) money.

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Re: Calling all JD/MHA, JD/MPH, other joint degrees

Post by HelloYesThisIsDog » Wed Mar 27, 2019 9:59 pm

Not a joint degree holder myself but I hear mixed reviews from folks. If you're practicing law, law firms aren't necessarily all that interested in your extra degree unless it specifically qualifies you for something (i.e., M.S. or Ph.D.'s in sciences for the patent bar). If you're doing another field, you probably didn't need a JD to begin with.

That isn't to say an MHA wouldn't be useless in helping you understand the healthcare industry, but it's an expensive way to learn something you'll probably learn through practicing law in your first few years. Serving specific sets of clients will teach you through experience.

Also your Dean doesn't necessarily have your best interests in mind in pushing you to pursue multiple degrees.

I advise you to identify some health care law practitioners on LinkedIn and law firm websites and email them to ask to meet for coffee and ask about their practice and what they consider genuinely useful for new attorneys.

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Re: Calling all JD/MHA, JD/MPH, other joint degrees

Post by BeatricESQ » Mon Jul 06, 2020 7:57 pm

I was a dual degree graduate, did a JD/MSW but ended up working in healthcare. Would love to connect if you are still interested in that field. I was able to finish both degrees in the three years so the cost was a lot less for me. I was told the dual degree would not be very useful but I have had the opposite experience and really believe I have it to thank for a lot of my success so far. I actually did learn a lot of useful skills that were trasnferable for my semi non-traditional straight out of law school job. Success in that job lead to me to my firm which has an exceptionally great quality of life.

I assume OP is long gone but figured I'd respond in case anyone else has questions.

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