Vanderbilt ($$) vs. Georgetown ($$) - Last minute

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Vanderbilt ($$) vs. Georgetown ($$) - Last minute

Post by plsletmein2019 » Mon Jun 03, 2019 8:29 pm

I am only considering tuition payments here (I know COL in DC will be higher but I will have family helping with that).

Total Tuition at Vandy w/ 99k scholarship = $79,650 before tuition increases
Total Tuition at GULC with 90k scholarship = $96,732 before tuition increases

My plan at the moment is to target patent litigation (big law for a couple years most likely but don't want to be stuck in it forever). I also am keeping my options open for other types of practice as I am not 100% set on patent law. I like both schools and both cities although I am a fan of the better living conditions in nashville and the smaller class size at vanderbilt - I could be persuaded that the large class size at GULC is actually an advantage though. Just trying to gauge any last minute recommendations because Georgetown was off the table until they up'd their scholarship offer.

Idk where to go so just looking for any advice - it wont let me post a poll.

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Re: Vanderbilt ($$) vs. Georgetown ($$) - Last minute

Post by lolwat » Mon Jun 03, 2019 9:37 pm

If I had to make a snap decision in your position it'd probably be GULC, since the COA sounds relatively equal, and you'd be in DC for networking in a market where there's probably a fair amount of patent litigation. But I just don't know enough about the difference between the two schools at this point to offer any other useful advice.

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Re: Vanderbilt ($$) vs. Georgetown ($$) - Last minute

Post by Stranger » Mon Jun 03, 2019 11:10 pm

The positive outcomes are nearly equal between these schools. I'd probably go with Vandy, because I don't see $17K worth of advantages to GULC.

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Re: Vanderbilt ($$) vs. Georgetown ($$) - Last minute

Post by Big Red » Tue Jun 04, 2019 12:04 am

If your parents are paying the COL just go where you want. Don't marry yourself to patent lit - honestly neither place is going to give you a tangible advantage on that front (although Seymore at Vandy - if he is still there - is great).

To your point, larger class sizes obviously make it harder and not easier from an OCI perspective, although I could not tell you how much more action GULC gets than Vandy at OCI. Then again, as this process is moving away from OCI I guess there is the argument that that is less relevant.

I would bet that the smaller class size is one of the reasons Vandy has been doing so well in BigLaw lately, also the fact that our grads fan out. The size will play the most in how it feels to actually go to one of these schools - cannot imagine two more different schools than Vandy and GULC on that front.

Will not go wrong with your decision! Good luck.

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