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Re: CS career megathread / AMA

Posted: Tue Dec 15, 2020 6:32 pm
by wizzy
But I think the point about upward mobility is a good one because the $90k IBM dude can make the jump to $200k in his mid 20s more easily than someone who worked at a small law firm trying to jump to biglaw after a few years.

And even if you're not focusing on the Bay Area (biglaw equivalent of NY), you probably have more geographic flexibility than someone in biglaw too since biglaw generally ties you to a few major cities (NY, DC, LA, SF, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Philly, Boston).

Then when you leave biglaw, you get hit with a paycut, while as a SWE, you can have a suralin path and keep growing comp. Or at minimum get some nice equity that will grow for you, which provides a functional raise at vesting as long as your stock is generating market+ returns.