NOW HIRING: Writers with an interest in law

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NOW HIRING: Writers with an interest in law

Post by 3nd3r » Sun Dec 23, 2018 2:19 pm

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Writers Wanted

Looking for easily trainable, intelligent, and self motivated individuals with an interest in law who want to make money writing.

Perfect opportunity for law students who want to make some extra money in their free time.

To start, here the general idea of how we expect it will work for the chosen candidates after they are hired:

  • 1) You will be provided with generalized legal related topics to write on and then you will need to do your own discovery to research out more specific ideas for content for you to then develop on your own.

    2) Then you will submit a list of article titles, via email, to me for my approval, for the content you would like to develop.

    3) Once titles are approved, you will go ahead and develop the content and then upload it to a shared Google drive folder for my review. We expect 1 per week every week, minimum, with potential for more for those who are interested.

    4) After review, if the content is approved, you will post the content on the site yourself and format it appropriately. I will walk you through how to do so. It's very simple, no coding required.

    You will also be responsible for discovering high quality, relevant images (one per article will suffice almost all of the time, except with long-form content that is 1500 words+, though we are aiming to keep each article around 500-1000 words) and then adding the image to your post before submitting it for approval.

    5) Then I will review the final draft(s) and then, if approved, you will then be eligible to be paid. Payout is once per week. Once trust is earned through being consistent and reliable with your work for us, we may move to payout once monthly and prepay ahead for each following month.
Currently looking for people who can commit to writing and posting 1 articles per week minimum, with potential for more work for those of you who are interested. We plan to expand our network of law related websites and so over time we will be needing more and more niche-specialized content developed for each site.

In addition to 1 articles per week minimum, we also need some content developed for various sections of our homepage and for several inner pages of our new website, and also for each new site we launch going forward.

Ideally I would like to find people who are capable of working long term, and so I prefer to find people who will gain some personal value (in the case of law students or legal professionals.. information that you should be able to retain and carry with you through-out your careers) while researching and thinking about the topics related to our current clients services.. Trusts Law, Estate Planning Law, Will and Testaments, Probate Law, Elder Law, Asset Protection Law, Guardianship Law, and various other closely related topics.

The primary method I would like to see used to generate the content is as follows:

Discover already well established and trusted high quality content related to the topic you've chosen --> extract the basic ideas from it --> put it into your own words in a way that will engage and inform the readers who land on the article ( much as is possible for this kind of content..).

In addition to this method.. I would like to find a few interested people who would be interested, willing, and capable of developing high quality TRULY ORIGINAL content from time to time for us.. such as content developed in regards to new laws that are being passed where sources are not yet readily available.. especially applicable to local or state-specific laws (our current needs are centered around New York, but we will be expanding rapidly) that are not already extensively covered online. The people who are interested in doing this more difficult & time-intensive method should posses the capability of discovering those opportunities on their own via case searches and such. More pay in mind for those people who are interested, willing, and capable.

Extremely competitive pay for the right candidates.

In addition to getting paid for the content development, we expect the right candidates to benefit from working with us via the skills developed and the knowledge acquired throughout the process. We help our clients build an online presence in order to generate their own leads, and being part of the process you will naturally start to pick up on how it's done, helping prepare you for your future career in the legal field.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please generate and provide a 400 word minimum writing sample (with a title, subtitle(s) as applicable, and a relevant image included as an attachment) related to any of the general topics I've provided: Trusts Law, Estate Planning Law, Will and Testaments, Probate Law, Elder Law, Asset Protection Law, Guardianship Law, especially as applicable to New York.

Feel free to go over the minimum if you feel you need to to adequately fulfill the title of the article you've decided to create.

This will test your ability to craft desirable content for us.. content that answers the query the reader has in mind when they search for your chosen article's title.

If you do decide to apply but are NOT chosen to work with us, you will obviously retain full ownership of your provided content and so we will not be using it in any way, shape, or form. If you're NOT chosen and you need me to then I will try to help point you in the right direction for selling that content to a potentially interested 3rd party.

  • 1) No scraped content or duplicated content. Stealing others content is unacceptable.. The content *must* be original.. in your own words and not copied word-for-word from someone else, not even a single sentence. The only exception to this are quotes, or if you just naturally happened to re-create (as opposed to intentionally duplicating) a sentence that is identical to someone else's published content from somewhere online, it happens. If you do choose to use quotes, the source *must* be provided at the end of your article with a link.

    2) Please do NOT apply if you believe the general topics provided will be too boring for you to write on long term, or if being bored with the topics will take too much away from the quality of your work.

    3) No content should be written strictly for robots or search engine crawlers to "read". We want content developed with engaging the reader in mind as it's written (as much as can be done for with the provided topics).. and content that adequately answers the search query of the reader.
If you're still with me and would like to apply, please submit the requested information to the following email with the subject line "Application for writing opportunity".

Requested information:
  • 1) Full Name (first and last)
    2) City & State you live in
    3) A picture of yourself
    4) Desired pay rate (Currently we just use Venmo but may be open to other payment methods if you require)
    5) An answer to the question about whether or not you're interested in writing truly original long-form content from time to time.. as opposed to just the normal rehashed content that comes out to be unique content but not necessarily original content.
    6) The requested writing sample on anything you want to write about that fits within the provided topics -- no need to have your title pre-approved for your application. Base topics we are currently seeking content for: Trusts Law, Estate Planning Law, Will and Testaments, Probate Law, Elder Law, Asset Protection Law, Guardianship Law, especially as applicable to New York.
Some article ideas to get you started, tho hope to see some creativity from applicants who choose to go outside of and beyond these suggestions:
  • What is Estate planning?
    What is a revocable living trust and when do you need one?
    What happens if you die while possessing a trust?
    Top 5 reasons you need to have an estate plan
    How is contested estate handled when there isn't a will?
    What happens if someone dies without having a will?
    An overview of the process for discovery of estate assets
    Most common reasons to have to go through the probate process
Not potential article title suggestions, but still something you can work with for the more creative (and most desireable!!!)applicants:
  • Annotate this case and title the created content: ... 23443.html -- or, to give you an idea of something perfectly acceptable to us.. you could highlight a key part of the case and focus on expanding that, if you choose. With this case in particular it is probably most valuable to focus on the fact that murdering someone disallows the murderer to collect from the one they've murdered, or something along those lines.

    Discover cases of your own related to any of the provided topics for New York courts, provide a source link to it, annotate that case and title it.
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Re: NOW HIRING: Writers with an interest in law

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Feel free to ask any questions


Re: NOW HIRING: Writers with an interest in law

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Still hiring

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