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Is Document Review the practice of law?

Posted: Sun Oct 10, 2021 6:50 pm
by Jake
I've heard that question debated before . Seems equate to "is a virus alive". Short answer to both, if you are near it long enough you will be too unhappy to care. Anyone here doing that lately ? The remote options seem maybe ok. Consilio is always advertising for it I've noticed. I see a lot of projects that only require the JD without a license for the unlicensed out there too. I only say that part since I see the bar pass rates below 50% for some schools. Zero judgement, just an FYI on where pay that utilizes the degree without the license can be located, or who live too far to commute to a big city where most non remote gigs are, or full Honesty work options for suspended or disbarred folks likely too. I bet they'd hire Rudy.