Transferring or switching schools after only 1 semester

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Transferring or switching schools after only 1 semester

Post by Jimlaw123 » Sun Jun 02, 2019 3:39 pm

Hello, to whom it may concern

I was wondering what can be done, or what you can do, if you're planning to transfer to another school after only completing 1 semester at your law school (just fall) grades were alright (C+,C+, B, C, another grade that is being removed).

What are the rules? (You got to leave due to a personal issue, during the year, etc...) Can I retake the LSAT again? Should I? Also, I have 2 of my law professors from the former school are willing to write me a personal letter of recommendations to a new school. I was diagnosed with a medical issue during the fall semester, barely completed it, and only took finals on the urging of people, ended up ultimately leaving before Spring Semester started.

Just want to know if this has ever happened, or is common, or what should the person do? Do I have to stay at my current school? Should I leave (I moved out of state for this, but the money is too much, lack of opportunity in what I want to do, also one of the issues pertained to a professor as well, school ruled in my favor, taking the grade off(Personally DM if you need more information on that, but it's irrelevant as it won't be added to my application or transcript).

Any advice is greatly appreciated, my school is giving me until this week to decide. So thanks in advance.

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Re: Transferring or switching schools after only 1 semester

Post by Nony » Sun Jun 02, 2019 5:26 pm

You can't transfer to another school after only one semester - they basically all require one years' worth of grades (some let you apply after one semester but you still need to complete a full year before you start 2L at the new school). I think if you withdraw from your current school you can start over at a new school, but I'd recommend contacting schools you're considering to find out whether they'd let you apply and how they'd handle your first semester of grades. You'd almost certainly be starting over rather than getting credit for what you've already done, though.

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