CCN Transfer chances from T1?

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CCN Transfer chances from T1?

Post by t14hopeful » Wed May 13, 2020 10:59 am

I applied to CCN and HYS (probably a longshot). I'm not sure how COVID-19 is affecting transfer applications, but here are my stats:

Top 10% (3.70) at a T1 school (maybe up to top 15% depending on how 2nd-semester grades go)
Upcoming summer job: district court judicial externship
Decent work experience before law school

Thanks in advance.

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Re: CCN Transfer chances from T1?

Post by Slytherpuff » Wed May 13, 2020 1:04 pm

I think you definitely have a shot, even though HYS are probably out. We'll have to see how the second semester pans out for you. Is your school doing letter grades for spring 2020 instead of P/F? And yeah, I unfortunately have no clue how COVID-19 is affecting transfer apps either.

Each school publishes their transfer data and this website is one place (probably of several?) that compiles it into one easy chart: ... tatistics/
I believe you would be competitive at NYU at the very least, and anecdotally I'll say that my transfer friends at NYU had some great job/journal outcomes. I'll let people who have actual transfer experience pipe in with additional information and resources though.

Also, keep in mind that transferring can be a great choice for many people, but for others it may not make sense. Job outcomes for someone in the top 10% of a T1 school can be just as good as someone at the middle of their class for HYSCCN. Your decision will depend on what school you are currently at and what your career goals are, and also what kind of financial aid you'd be giving up at your current school.

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Re: CCN Transfer chances from T1?

Post by pancakes3 » Fri May 15, 2020 10:37 am

i don't think HYS are in the cards, and i'd even say CCN are long shots w only top 10%. lots of top 5/1%'ers filling up those transfer spots. not out of the question though. are you applying to the rest of the T13?

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