D. Ct. Clerkship with few/no trials

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D. Ct. Clerkship with few/no trials

Post by Guest » Mon Jun 10, 2019 3:00 pm

I have an interview set up with a district court judge, but in talking with former clerks many of them have mentioned that the judge has few trials and most said there was not a single civil trial during their clerkship. One of the current clerks that I know personally confirmed this is the case: she had done one criminal trial in her time there, there had been no civil trials, and she didn't think she'd have another one before her clerkship ended. She also said one previous clerk left without doing a single trial. She said the clerkship was almost entirely drafting memo/orders.

Is this a red flag, or is this more common than I think it is? Everything else seems like a good fit, and I'm not the most competitive candidate so I wouldn't want to let a district court clerkship opportunity just pass by. I'm also planning to go in to litigation, but don't have a strong desire to be at a trial boutique or anything like that---I think I find motion practice more interesting at this point.

Any thoughts?

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Re: D. Ct. Clerkship with few/no trials

Post by lolwat » Mon Jun 10, 2019 4:54 pm

Not a red flag at all IMO. Most cases don't go to trial to begin with, and you're only there for a year.

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