OCI bidding list- advice / feedback

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OCI bidding list- advice / feedback

Post by Kya6 » Sat Jun 08, 2019 11:40 am

Hello everyone- I am a transfer student from WCL to GW any my overall gpa was a 3.42 ( top 30%). I have complied a rough bidding list for OCI and would love anyone’s advice. I know OCI will be a long shot so I tried to craft this in a way ( no particular order) to maximize potential interviews! Thanks!

1. Wilson sonsini goodrich
2. Young conaway - Delaware
3.weiner Brodsky
4. Arent Fox
5. Vedder price
6. Groom Law group
7.mcnees Wallace - PA
8.potter Anderson - Delaware
10. Carlton Fields
11. Keller Heckman
12.Shulman Rogers - MD
13.Norton Rose
14.Troutman Sanders
15.powers pyles
17.Quarles & Brady
18. Hewlett Packard
19.morris Nichols- Delaware
20.Cassidy Levy Kent
21.Smith Pachter- Virginia
22. Morris Manning & Martin
23.Watt Tieder- VIrginia
24.Holland & Knight
25.Richards Layton & Finger - Delaware
27.Bricker & Eckler- OH
30. Polsinelli

New York - regional program
1. Willkie
3.mound cotton
4.mayer Brown
5. Linklaters
6. Cahill


Re: OCI bidding list- advice / feedback

Post by Flower » Wed Apr 22, 2020 3:34 pm

Hi, I’m not sure you’ll see this. But I’m in the same position u were last year and I’m trying to decide whether I should apply to transfer or not. At WCL on a full ride with similar GPA. I saw your earlier posts. How was your experience? Is transferring worth it? I’m having a difficult time deciding.

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Re: OCI bidding list- advice / feedback

Post by pancakes3 » Wed Apr 22, 2020 3:47 pm

don't transfer to GW with a full ride at AU.

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