Post-SA Offer negotiation

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Post-SA Offer negotiation

Post by MtDewMe » Sat Jul 07, 2018 7:18 pm

Anyone have any tips on negotiating an offer with a firm? For example one that doesn't raise to the new market, can you try getting a bigger signing bonus? Can you negotiate bar prep? Working during the year? When you can start? I personally would like to study in my market so I can make friends and such on weekends, but I also only want to take a few weeks off after the bar to travel instead of two months so was wondering what was negotiable.

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Re: Post-SA Offer negotiation

Post by HelloYesThisIsDog » Sat Jul 07, 2018 8:31 pm

Start date - probably not negotiable I'm guessing, but also firm dependent. Firms usually want to start everyone on a set date for a number of reasons, in particular the extensive required onboarding and training you get at the same time as other first years. It's a lot of administrative stuff to coordinate.

Working during the school year - completely dependent on whether your group actually needs the help of an unlicensed law student and whether they would bill it out at all. It happens but I don't think it's common.

Bar prep - what would you even negotiate? You can study wherever you want, but the amount of money they give you for living expenses won't change.

Signing bonus - not a lot of firms do this for incoming first years. If a firm didn't match, I'd be surprised if they would do a signing bonus at all. They didn't match because they're cheap or don't have good cash flow, so you should expect very little from them.

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Re: Post-SA Offer negotiation

Post by notlegaladvice » Sun Jul 08, 2018 10:08 am

The only two things you mentioned that are probably "negotiable" are (1) start date and (2) working during the year.

(1) I've only ever heard of someone moving their start date to be *earlier* than the planned start date for most first years (which, like Dog said, is planned around the big onboarding stuff). Usually when a group is super busy and they need people to start ASAP.

(2) Some firms hire law clerks to work during 3L, but it depends on whether any groups actually have need. It's certainly fair game to ask recruiting if they ever hire clerks during the year and express your interest, but I probably wouldn't do this until I actually received a full-time offer to return. It's not like working as a clerk during the school year would be part of your full-time offer, if that's what you were thinking. They'll either need you or they won't.

I don't know about the others but I imagine Dog is right that there's nothing to be done.

[Also, didn't you say you don't go to school anywhere close to where you're summering? What does "working during the year" in your OP actually mean?]

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