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Term question

Post by lionboy1 » Sun Aug 04, 2019 12:16 pm

Hey all,
I have not been posting since the admission cycle but I have been reading lots of posts on here. I was wondering if anyone knew what these two terms are called. I worked at a law firm and I made what I called "event timelines" by looking at the evidence that was like submitted in the pleading. I have never learnt this in law school so I was wondering does anyone know what it is called ? The event timeline was basically an Excel file that had the date in one column and a summary of what happened on that day. And then another column on the source (i.e., what page from the pleadings/evidence did I find that fact from). My question is what is this event timeline called in the industry and I wrote "I made event timelines by reviewing/looking at the evidence submitted by the parties" but someone told me that's not right because what I did was reviewed the exhibits. Was I wrong to have used "evidence" instead of "exhibits". I thought they were the same and evidence was safer because exhbit is only when a jury sees it. I already submitted to some firm and said in a screener I reviewed the evidence but the person interviewing me seemed unfazed but I dont think he knew what an event timeline was or was just not interested

Edit: just a side question but is a local counsel opinion letter counted as evidence? Not sure if this is the right term either but I googled it. The case involved a person signing a contract outside USA and so there was a local counsel opinion from a foreign firm that said yup your contract is in good shape. But, this foreign lawyer was wrong that led to the dispute with the other parties


Re: Term question

Post by cgw » Wed Aug 07, 2019 8:50 am

I think the word you’re looking for here is “chronology.” I would have just wrote “drafted chronology.” Or if you want to be more specific “drafted fact chronology based on public filings in a contract dispute.”

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