Guide: You're an undergrad student (or in high school!) and you want to go to law school

Please post in this forum if you have any questions about law school or legal employment but have not yet entered law school.
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Re: Guide: You're an undergrad student (or in high school!) and you want to go to law school

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Pre-Law is actually a major in some schools. One thing is that it’s not really an academic field - it’s a conglomeration of a lot of sort of related classes but there is no scholarly field “pre-Law,” so it gets looked down on.

I’m pretty sure it’s philosophy majors that top the “success on the LSAT” chart, not English majors. The thing is, I would not recommend picking a major because it does well on the LSAT due to correlation/causation issues. Like if you pick physics because physics majors do well on the LSAT, but you, personally, hate physics and are not good at it, I really really doubt you’re going to do better on the LSAT than if you’d majored in French, which is your passion and which you ace. Major in what you would major in if you weren’t going to law school.
Found links to the blog posts that discussed this, and you are correct. I have updated the post to reflect. English apparently is middle of the pack.
You guys are both wrong. Don't read random blogs for the info, look up LSAC's Applicants by Major form. Here is the list of highest LSAT medians:
keep in mind some of them have a very small population size. This is based on last years info, for more accurate info there should be a year by year comparison, but I'm to lazy for it.
1. Statistics- 164.14 (# applicants 20)
2. Math- 162.8 (293)
3. Physics, General -161.58 (122)
4. Astronomy- 161.33 (9)
5.Computer Science, General- 161.24 (136)
6. Nuclear Eng-161.2 (10)
7. Physics, Specialization-161 (11)
8. Biomedical Engineering-160.45 (90)
9. Classics-160.38 (264)
10. Environmental Engineering- 160.32 (28)
11. Chem Eng- 160.19 (135)
12. Industrial Relations-160.02 (50)

The only majors with over 160 medians are Classics and Industrial Relations. Classics is nowhere near the top.
Common Humanities median gpas and Lsats
Philosophy-3.44 157.21(2238)
English- 3.44 154.78 (3151)
History- 3.47 156.27 (3138)
Poli Sci-3.4 153.62 (11947)

The irony is that Physics has a median gpa of 3.46 and Comp Sci of 3.49, so even median gpas are close or higher. The Eng disciplines are harder and have lower median gpas. Tbh though, majoring in math to go to law school is silly when you can major in Physics/Engineering. People that like math will likely enjoy Physics/Engineering much, but Physics/Engineering has better job prospects both inside and outside law. Sadly Math will require as much work as science/engineering disciplines, but it doesn't qualify you for the patent bar so you deal with STEM level grade deflation without the patent bump. With physics/eng at least you have an edge when you get to law school because you can try for hard ip jobs.

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Re: Guide: You're an undergrad student (or in high school!) and you want to go to law school

Post by Nony » Fri Feb 22, 2019 6:37 am

That’s interesting, either it’s changef since I last looked at it and/or I was looking at humanities-specific (which has still also changed but less drastically).

I stand by my original points, though, which were that 1) English majors don’t have any particular edge on the LSAT and 2) don’t pick a major for the purpose of getting into law school (like I would still definitely not advise majoring in a STEM field because they have.rhe highest median LSATs).

ETA: this random blog suggests there has been a shift, though it had classics in the lead, not philosophy ... -by-major/. Also, to get pedantic, LSAC is using median scores and I had previously been talking about the mean scores.

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