2019 July Texas Bar Thread

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2019 July Texas Bar Thread

Post by bvest » Fri May 03, 2019 3:51 pm

Until Texas moves over to the UBE (Feb 2021), it's still doing its own thing. I'll try to build out this OP a little more later with additional resources, but here's a start.

Texas Bar Exam (BLE Page) -- Old questions and selected answers.
BVest's MPT Guide

What's on the Texas Bar?
Tuesday (Morning Only)
One MPT (90 min) (10%)
20 Short-Answer Civ Pro + 20 Short-Answer Crim Pro (90 min) (10%)

Wednesday (All Day)
200 MBE Multiple Choice (100 Qs AM - 3 hours; 100 Qs PM - 3 hours; No work across morning/afternoon sessions)

Thursday (All Day)
12 Essay Questions (6 Qs AM - 3 hours; 6 Qs PM - 3 hours; No work across morning/afternoon sessions)

Essay questions cover the following subjects:
  • 2 Family Law (often one divorce division and one child custody)
  • 2 Business Organizations (often one choice-of-entity question and one governance-dispute question)
  • 2 Real Property (often one Oil & Gas and one Fee/Leasehold/Other Estates)
  • 2 Wills & Administration (often one will and one intestate succession)
  • 2 UCC (UCC-2 and/or UCC-3 and/or UCC-9 -- See Below)
  • 1 DTPA paired with 1 Trust OR Guardianship (See Below)
The subject pairs are kept together, (i.e. if question 1 is Real Property, question 2 will also be Real Property), but the subjects may be in any order (i.e Real Property may be an AM subject in July but then a PM subject in February, or not).

Can you predict which UCC they'll test or what they'll choose for Trusts vs Guardianship?
No, but here's the past history:


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