1L 3.4 GPA at UVA Law for Big Law?

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1L 3.4 GPA at UVA Law for Big Law?

Post by spglasses » Tue Jan 28, 2020 10:48 pm

Hi, all.

I’ve been getting mixed reports about the 1L median at UVA and how being at median affects your chances for big law. Some say the median is 3.3, others say the median has risen to 3.4. Additionally, median has been said to either be a good or just “not bad” spot to be. Which is it?

Does anyone have any insight as to how I should feel about my position atm? I don’t plan on bidding conservatively or aiming high.

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Re: 1L 3.4 GPA at UVA Law for Big Law?

Post by UVA2B » Tue Jan 28, 2020 11:15 pm

AFAIK the median is still 3.3, but obviously a median of 3.3 for any individual class may cause the literal median (number ~150ish by GPA) student to have a slightly different GPA, either slightly up or down. But this misses the point of how median GPAs affect biglaw hiring. If you’re at a 3.4 after the first semester, you’re in a great spot for Biglaw, but you also aren’t guaranteed the exact biglaw job you may want. There will be firms in more competitive locations you’re unlikely to compete for because they’re more grade selective, but you’re also competitive for any market that interests you (such as DC being available as that’s more competitive at UVA generally).

You should feel fine about where you are now for biglaw. You can and should try to improve if you can, but as someone at/above median at UVA, you’re imminently competitive for biglaw generally. You’ll get data from career services on the various firms and cities that will inform your bidding strategy leading up to OGI, and you should absolutely use that data to inform your bid list.

You’re doing well after one semester. Keep it up and you’ll be well-positioned for biglaw, assuming you mean it when you don’t intend to aim high. And you should bid prudently, but you’re right that you don’t need to be conservative in your bids.

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