Donate to LSL

Help keep the lights on and grow our community with a donation to LSL! Your donations will help us expand our internet presence, reach law school applicants, students, and practicing attorneys, and keep the website up and running. As a nonprofit organization, we hope to continue to rely primarily on donations to fund LawSchool.Life.

LawSchool.Life is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax deductible.

In the spirit of transparency, below is a nonexhaustive list of some of the annual and monthly expenses that we incur. Your donations will go directly to funding these and similar expenses.

$5 – one month of bank fees
$6 – one month of IP address fees
$10 – one month of virtual mailbox fees
$12 – buys a domain name that redirects to
$25 – incorporation fee
$30 – one month of server fees on our current plan
$120 – one month of server fees on the plan we will need soon due to growth
$40 – initial year of hosting fees for the domain name
$200-300 – registering to do business in various states
$275 – non-profit status application fee
$350 – one year of insurance
$1000 (estimate) – hire a contract developer for new site features
$1,500 – fund search engine placement for one month

While expenses are relatively low right now, they will grow with the website and the nonprofit organization that runs it. We offer the option to make a one-time donation, or to set up a monthly donation, and we hope that you will give some serious consideration to opting for the latter. There will always be monthly expenses, and predictable monthly revenue will help us to keep the website running smoothly. Donations will also allow us to contract for services that are currently being provided on a volunteer basis, and services that cannot be provided on a volunteer basis. Donations will not be used to compensate board members or officers except as reimbursement for personal expenditures made for necessary business expenses.

As of March 2018, we are officially a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization! All donations are tax deductible.

But wait, there’s more! Donors will be recognized for their contributions on their forums as follows:

$25 – Hall of Founders (special credits page monument – forever)
$50 – The First of Flair (tagline – 1 year)
$75 – Lateral to Midlaw (access to the super secret Donor’s Forum – 1 year)
$150 – Gave the Green (green username – 1 year)
$190 – NY to 190k (access to the super secret Donors Forum – forever)
$300 – Pathern’s Circle (all flair from the above tiers – forever)

You can also make a donation on someone else’s behalf. Things like forum taglines and flair will only be bestowed upon someone else if they accept it, and are subject to moderator/Board discretion. If a user does not accept a gifted tagline, you may try again up to two times. If you set up a monthly donation, you will receive whatever flair tier your total annual donation corresponds to, subject to revocation if you terminate the monthly donation. In the future we may add different tiers or change flair awards. The Pathern’s Circle will always be bestowed with the applicable flair.

For more information on donations or answers to any questions, check out the forum thread.