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Recent Discussions

Law School Admissions
  • Waitlisted before new LSAT score
    They might. Send your LOCI. What's your new lsat/gpa ...
    by HelloYesThisIsDog at 8:17 PM, 02-22-19
  • Harvard Students and Grads Taking Questions
    Would you estimate that most HLS students went to "prestigious" undergraduate colleges (let's say, the top 20 or so universities/LACs)? ...
    by Borges_and_barbells at 6:42 PM, 02-22-19
  • LSAT RC Question for 175+ Scorers
    Depends on context - this is one of the big differences between RC and LR. Presuppositions can be negated: Opponents of my view argue that because all people have the potential ...
    by icechicken at 4:44 PM, 02-22-19
  • Emory's Woodruff vs T6
    Thank you for your input. I want to clerk at the federal level, then I want to work for either my state AG (CA) the DOJ or a well known ...
    by icechicken at 4:13 PM, 02-22-19
  • Penn c/o 2022 Applicants
    Waitlisted 🙁 Really bummed. Penn was my top choice. Anyone have any information about likelihood of getting of waitlist and with aid? I already wrote a Why Penn when I applied, ...
    by chilover691 at 2:26 PM, 02-22-19
  • Berkeley c/o 2022 Applicants
    I'm still waiting on a decision but wonder if you folks know anything about BLOS finalists? Have they all been chosen already? Still any chance of being a finalist without ...
    by lmb38 at 12:48 PM, 02-22-19
  • HYS v Hamilton (no help from family)
    I mean I think you'd be nutso to turn down Yale, but that's just me. Harvard and Stanford I'd turn down for a full ride. I mean if you know you ...
    by necho2 at 9:09 AM, 02-22-19
  • leveraging admission to Harvard with a Hamilton?
    I know 0Ls tend to get wrapped up in the Harvard-or-bust mentality, but this is ridiculous. ...
    by cavalier1138 at 3:52 AM, 02-22-19
  • Guide: You're an undergrad student (or in high school!) and you want to go to law school
    That’s interesting, either it’s changef since I last looked at it and/or I was looking at humanities-specific (which has still also changed but less drastically). I stand by my original points, ...
    by Nony at 3:37 AM, 02-22-19
  • Irvine c/o 2022 Applicants
    Hello guys, I had received an offer of 90K and tried to negotiate. I was told I would hear back sometime in March but I heard back yesterday bumping the ...
    by merintil at 5:34 PM, 02-21-19
Classes and Bar Study
  • Guide- Useful apps for law school
    Use a cloud storage service for your files. If your computer/hard drive completely fails or if you need to access your notes or documents remotely, you'll be grateful it was ...
    by HelloYesThisIsDog at 10:22 AM, 02-21-19
  • Class of 2021: we're basically 1.5Ls now
    Cause as a white guy with median grades, 1L SA is off the table ftfy ...
    by RubyRhad at 6:18 PM, 02-20-19
  • How to find note topics
    Have you ever been a fascinated student with a law prof? They usually have their areas of interest, so your job is to pick their brain for what interests them. ...
    by UVA2B at 12:54 PM, 02-18-19
  • Penn Law C/O 2021 (Admitted Students)
    Hi all! We should all meet and bitch about/celebrate that we still don't have grades ...
    by RubyRhad at 8:47 AM, 01-21-19
  • Yale Law School c/o 2022 (Admitted Students)
    Figured it was about time to get this started. I'm not fully committed yet (and I'm sure most of you aren't), but a thread can keep us up to date ...
    by Lankhs at 5:52 PM, 01-16-19
  • Class of 2020 - [Under Construction]
    So what's everyone doing for 2L summer? My plan is to intern with a state public defender and appear in court. Also need to get started on clerkship applications soon. Exact ...
    by SpikeSeagull at 7:19 AM, 01-15-19
  • Weird law school classes
    My school has had a class on casino/gaming law before, and I’m really hoping they bring it back before I graduate that seems so interesting. i'd love to take that e: i've ...
    by Mikey at 7:03 AM, 01-14-19
  • February 2019 DC Bar Exam FYI
    Beware... 1/11/2019 Based on all available information at this time, we are still planning to administer the February 2019 bar examination as scheduled. However, we are closely monitoring any new developments ...
    by Kümmel at 7:20 PM, 01-13-19
  • C&F Lawyers
    Spoke to administration today and the deans think that this will be a non-issue provided I can explain the charge, date, and disposition of the case on my application. For ...
    by riot at 5:52 PM, 01-11-19
  • Class of 2018 - I guess we have to do jobs now
    That's exactly what my work environment is like . . . is you substitute in "14" for "8" and "not" for "still." ...
    by Door Ladder at 11:39 AM, 01-10-19
Legal Practice and Employment
  • 2019 TX 1L SA Thread
    UVA2B, do you have any insight as to whether turning down a 1L summer offer to a firm in Texas forecloses the chance to summer with them 2L summer? Great - ...
    by waldorf at 2:32 PM, 02-21-19
  • Tech in the Practice
    Might be some overlap with this thread: https://www.lawschool.life/forums/viewtopic.php?p=197335#p197335 And there's a lot of discussion on iPads in the general Tech and Apple threads in the Lounge. Bottom line being the iPad ...
    by UVA2B at 11:52 AM, 02-21-19
  • 3rd yr to in-house possible?
    If you're looking to get into employer side labor/employment law: go to hell you rat fuck. First of all 🙄 and second, these are the on-topics. If you want to debate ...
    by RespondeatInferior at 11:15 AM, 02-21-19
  • Clerkship Bonus After Second Clerkship
    This is presumably a different firm than the one you worked at? ...
    by HelloYesThisIsDog at 12:01 PM, 02-20-19
  • Tax Groups by Firm
    I agree it’s very regional dependent. NY will give you the biggest financial type practice. Boutiques have more focus on planning related work, but top tier international practices are mostly ...
    by indianrunner at 1:12 PM, 02-19-19
  • 1L/Diversity SA Thread 2019
    If an offer says to let them know by 2/9 does that mean I can tell them my decision on that day? Thoughts? If it says by 2/9 I'd say the absolute ...
    by Summer Hopeful at 12:12 PM, 02-19-19
  • California state retirement for attorneys (CALPERS)
    I think (this is all anecdotal) that it has the same combo of tax-deferred TSP-esque deferred comp stuff, and a 50+ pension based on years of service and retirement age. ...
    by necho2 at 10:57 AM, 02-19-19
  • Anyone considering going back to school?
    Fuzzy, I am not at a law firm, I work at a large IT Company (as a computer geek doing InfoSec work). I have been in the industry for a quarter ...
    by app at 7:01 PM, 02-18-19
  • 2L who doesn't know what he wants to do
    If you’re going to a firm with rotational program, rotate through things. But yeah sounds like you should try transactional at a biglaw firm. And if you don’t like that, ...
    by Johannes at 12:37 PM, 02-18-19
  • Vetting Firms
    Next meet n’ greet make a friend and invite them to lunch. You may find out if they're a good choice. ...
    by Dusty 2020 at 9:14 PM, 02-17-19