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Law School Admissions
Classes and Bar Study
  • Marino Retaker Course
    I actually was considering using Marino Bar Review to take the exam for my second try at it. I skipped the remote exam my state gave in October for a ...
    by MBarb at 12:12 PM, 11-18-20
  • legal podcasts
    Scotustalk from Scotusblog is good. Strict Scrutiny is good, too, but definitely has a liberal bent. ...
    by Story at 7:22 AM, 11-15-20
  • Legal writing symbols program (§, ¶, —...)
    Hi everyone -- and particularly those taking Legal Research & Writing this semester -- we wanted to let you know about some software that we're offering 100% free for students ...
    by lawcuts at 10:07 PM, 10-30-20
  • HLS: How's Bebchuk as a professor?
    Lol hello spam. ...
    by Nony at 7:08 AM, 10-09-20
    I am an undergrad. I will never make it to law school without a tutor! Can you help? ...
    by HelpStephanie at 4:48 PM, 09-19-20
  • Strong MBE = AUTO bar pass
    I used this method. Didn’t do a single practice essay or study any of the essay-only topics. My bar study consisted entirely of practice MBE questions. Passed with a 176 ...
    by Gurppgork at 10:04 PM, 09-15-20
  • Bvest's MPT Guide
    Washington State MPT Grading Rubric: Score of 6 A 6 answer is a very good answer. A 6 answer indicates that the applicant has a thorough comprehension of the task, the relevant ...
    by waldorf at 4:23 PM, 09-05-20
  • Bar Prep - What to do in Last Two+ Weeks
    Bump for September examinees. ...
    by bvest at 6:02 PM, 08-17-20
  • background checks for clinics?
    i vaguely remember having to fill out a form or two to get certified as a student practicing law but it wasn't anywhere close to a c&f app. ...
    by pancakes3 at 10:07 AM, 08-09-20
  • Second Edition of Think Like A Lawyer
    I have just issued the second expanded edition of my book Think Like A Lawyer: Legal Reasoning for Law Students and Business Professionals. Because I am self-publishing this version, ...
    by ScottFruehwald at 10:17 AM, 07-31-20
Legal Practice and Employment
  • WFH in biglaw post COVID?
    Post-COVID I do think working from home will be more generally acceptable. But it may depend on practice group, location, and general culture? Litigation in my office has always been ...
    by Slytherpuff at 6:46 PM, 11-30-20
  • Ex-Biglaw, Current Lit Boutique Midlevel: AMA
    Feel free to ask me anything, be it my time at biglaw, my reasons for leaving, or my current work as a lit midlevel at my boutique firm mostly complex ...
    by Alpha at 12:35 PM, 11-30-20
  • Gray’s Guide to Government Honors Programs
    I know someone who technically "reneged" on an honors gig, but basically they changed their mind and the honors people were very understanding about it. They accepted an offer that ...
    by Nony at 8:11 PM, 11-29-20
  • 1yr too soon to bail on biglaw?
    I don't like the hours and the stress. I'm expected to bill between 175-200 hours per month. I'd ideally like a job where I can bill around 1800 and make ...
    by Pharoahe Monch at 10:10 AM, 11-28-20
  • CS career megathread / AMA
    i’m in a golden handcuffs situation with snap’s stock appreciation so don’t have much personal insight, but seems p much like business as normal, maybe slightly more difficult. am going ...
    by suralin at 6:04 PM, 11-24-20
  • Asking for old job back after lateral move
    Re: going from > > , the person I mentioned upthread did the same thing. It's certainly not unheard-of. But you will need to somehow convince people that ...
    by icechicken at 12:07 PM, 11-20-20
  • LRAP/IBR/PSLF. How does it work? Let's find out!
    yeah, I saw that, and had the same reaction to it. I mean, I'd like him to be right! But I think there's a reason no one else has been ...
    by Nony at 10:14 AM, 11-16-20
  • Give up?
    I’ll also add that you can have a great mentor and boss who might be more conservative than you. Especially for judges, the benefit of the mentorship relationship doesn’t really ...
    by Story at 8:10 PM, 11-14-20
  • I'm a Public Defender AMA
    it's a weird hypo because usually there are more questions. but the simple answer is: you dont say anything. based on the follow-up questions on this hypo you might be asked ...
    by Kümmel at 1:22 PM, 11-05-20
  • Non-Honors BigFed Hiring
    you can lateral to other agencies in different cities much more easily once you are in the fed system. Is this due to an official preference (like the ones veterans ...
    by Story at 11:52 PM, 11-04-20