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Recent Discussions

Law School Admissions
  • Dropping Out and Reapplying
    C'mon we all know it's Columbia. any reason why people here think it's col? confused on what makes it different or worse than other CN in ccn? Still think it's Chicago personally ...
    by icechicken at 10:05 PM, 11-10-19
  • New to this forum. PS review help
    Thank you both so much for your input. This is very helpful. I will work on cutting it down using these suggestions and will post a revised draft at a ...
    by BLHB1234 at 1:36 PM, 11-07-19
  • General Help
    2 pages is the credited amount. If you really need to expand beyond that for a school that doesn't restrict the statement to 2 pages, feel free to expand some ...
    by UVA2B at 6:41 PM, 10-30-19
  • Berkeley c/o 2022 Applicants
    So I need some advice. I am scheduled to take the December LSAT wasnt ready for September and my application is pretty much done minus my LSAT score. Do ...
    by icechicken at 9:33 AM, 10-30-19
  • Penn Students & Graduates Taking Questions
    Admin stuff like deference levels is vital but also pretty easy to learn on the job. Probably none of the executive powers type issues will ever matter unless you’re working ...
    by wow at 8:49 AM, 10-30-19
  • 3.99 Engineering GPA, but 168 GRE to LSAT conversion--Chance Me
    Well I just want to re-emphasize that your GRE score is not an "LSAT equivalent" and the ETS conversion is kind of meaningless as what ETS says holds no water ...
    by heythatslife at 5:43 PM, 10-29-19
  • patent technology specialist positions question
    I was wondering if it's possible to get a patent technology specialist position for someone who has say worked for a decade or so as a sw engineer in silicon ...
    by app at 10:25 AM, 10-29-19
  • Guide: Demystifying the character and fitness requirement and what the bar is really looking for
    So if one did not get a specific reason as to why, then that question doesn't qualify to them, right? No, not if you can honestly say you don't know of ...
    by ymmv at 3:47 PM, 10-23-19
  • Harvard Students and Grads Taking Questions
    If I'm living in the dorms, do you think buying the discounted MBTA pass would be a good investment? I'm not from the area, so I don't know how often ...
    by metroidbum at 8:07 AM, 10-23-19
  • LDF scholarship
    I agree its a good offer to have but with that GPA and URM status, those thirteen points would effectively get you any school in the country. Don’t bump old threads ...
    by Danger Zone at 1:29 PM, 10-22-19
Classes and Bar Study
  • Class of 2021: 2L 2 Furious
    also i already dont want to write any more of my note. The Note requirement is absolute ASS. The only time I cried in law school was because 8 professors declined ...
    by Brushedsuedeluvr at 2:16 PM, 11-08-19
  • Kaplan versus Themis
    Yeah, I have nothing bad to say about Themis. Good choice! ...
    by Slytherpuff at 11:18 AM, 10-30-19
  • Reviewing Law Review (Journals, How to get them, What to expect, etc.)
    I don’t think that’s necessarily true, depending on what else you have going for you. Not all board positions are created equal and not all journals are created equal. True, though ...
    by lolwat at 12:47 PM, 10-29-19
  • best law schools in Australia
    my friend's wife went to ANU, and it's an undergrad degree, not grad school. They have a graduate law school as well! It looks like Australia is a country that will ...
    by Slytherpuff at 1:04 PM, 10-16-19
  • Selling recent PA and NJ (UBE) Themis bar books for cheap!
    Please message me if interested. Mint condition. ...
    by tikal at 5:16 PM, 10-13-19
  • Those with an LLM or Wanting an LLM
    Did you get no-offered? Anyway, I think TARE is predominantly Big 4. Not sure what you’re looking to do, but it’ll be difficult getting a big law firm with a ...
    by EmileTat at 10:37 AM, 10-12-19
  • Which bar exam should I take?
    Depends on how likely you are to change states, but I would definitely take the UBE if it were me. Not a huge list of cons for keeping options open. ...
    by ymmv at 3:44 PM, 10-10-19
  • Class of 2020 - 3LOL: Why are we still here?
    Tight tight. Any public interest peeps applying for jobs? ...
    by Clamence at 9:12 AM, 09-19-19
  • New Book: How to Succeed in Law School
    Oh, dude... https://lawprofessors.typepad.com/legal_skills/2019/08/how-minority-students-can-succeed-in-law-school.html Not a good look. ...
    by cavalier1138 at 5:25 AM, 09-08-19
  • Cool, helpful 1L guide
    Hi guys! I found myself constantly referring back to the same information while Bluebooking, so I put together this Bluebook citation reference that focuses on Statute citations. Hopefully it’s useful ...
    by legaleasetech at 11:17 AM, 09-06-19
Legal Practice and Employment
  • Talking politics at work: guidelines? Guidance?
    Guest OP, do you have a rational basis to attribute those views to your peers? Or is it mostly perceived? You're making pretty grand pronouncements about supporting the current president, ...
    by UVA2B at 8:43 PM, 11-11-19
  • Is this site dead?
    tried using reddit this admissions cycle but find that sub really bad in terms of advice to 0Ls. i think if lsl wanted to initiate encouraging 0ls to this site ...
    by app at 6:35 PM, 11-11-19
  • 2019 Bonus Discussion
    S&C if they think it's an opportunity to prestige grab, Skadden if it wants to get back at all the "Not a real V5"ers, maybe Debevoise to boost its Vault ...
    by Jubo at 2:47 PM, 11-11-19
  • Government to a boutique litigation firm in CA?
    It's terrible. I had to relearn the Bluebook recently. All my instincts changed over to Cal style. Not much more to add, OP, but please keep us updated -- curious how ...
    by beep at 1:37 PM, 11-08-19
  • I'm a Public Defender AMA
    Thanks, I appreciate it. Are there specific interview questions that PD offices usually ask that I should be aware of? Why PD, and would you consider working as a prosecutor are ...
    by Clamence at 10:36 AM, 11-07-19
  • First Trial Jitters
    I strongly agree with the above post. You are not alone and what you feel is totally normal. Some of the below advice is probably obvious, but I’ll ...
    by freshy dog at 9:21 PM, 11-05-19
  • Is clerking a scam?
    I mean, who knows I guess. It could be that there are just a lot more "horrible to work for" federal judges now than there was roughly 10 years ...
    by lolwat at 2:15 PM, 11-05-19
  • Timeline to waive into DC
    Here was my general timeline - keep in mind that this was for waiving in from a UBE state, and that non-UBE jurisdictions will be in a different pile so ...
    by Slytherpuff at 11:10 AM, 11-05-19
  • 2L summer Public Interest
    I don't work in PI so please take this with a grain of salt, but I think if you're leaning towards some sort of law reform-oriented position later on, then ...
    by Slytherpuff at 1:44 PM, 11-04-19
  • Too late to clerk?
    1. I think it can, but it's probably not quite as easy as you're probably hoping for. I don't have enough insight into this though and especially without ...
    by lolwat at 7:36 AM, 11-04-19