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Recent Discussions

Law School Admissions
  • Ads and promo codes for LSAT prep services
    For the last half-year, I have been pursued by learning difficulties, so before passing the LSAT, I decided to try online learning at . So far I like it ...
    by Dastin at 2:29 PM, 05-23-21
  • Harvard Students and Grads Taking Questions
    Hi! I had a quick question about winter term -- are grades assigned the same way as they would be in Spring/Fall terms, or is there more of a credit ...
    by pozzo at 5:36 PM, 05-16-21
  • 179 3.8 t-6
    Should be pretty decent - the mylsn.info link above includes past scholarship information for people with similar numbers to you. ...
    by Slytherpuff at 6:53 AM, 05-11-21
  • duke, uva, cornell, or retake
    . ...
    by DankHill at 2:53 PM, 05-01-21
  • Baguette Applies to Law School
    . ...
    by DankHill at 12:37 PM, 04-30-21
  • LSAT Registration Through June 2022 Opens Tomorrow!
    LSAC has just announced they will open up registration for every LSAT from August 2021 through June 2022 starting tomorrow! These tests are all in the new “3 scored + ...
    by DKilloranPowerScore at 9:10 AM, 04-30-21
  • Should I buy a LSAT Strategy Guide?
    Your practice test scores are excellent. Did you take the practice tests timed or untimed? They were timed. I ran out of time on logic games on my first test with ...
    by app at 2:45 PM, 04-29-21
  • LSAC School Report
    nope. anecdotally, no noticed correlation for GPA/LSAT. some correlation for majors/occupation (philosophy, journalism, and STEM do better). ...
    by pancakes3 at 1:21 PM, 04-28-21
  • NYU IILJ or Columbia for International Law?
    Hi all! Decision month is about to begin, I'm starting to feel the pressure, and I could use some advice as I spend the next few weeks figuring out where ...
    by app at 2:35 PM, 04-23-21
  • Stranger's Guide to Reading Law School Employment Reports
    Thank you ...
    by findline at 5:25 AM, 04-23-21
Classes and Bar Study
Legal Practice and Employment
  • Following up with the City Attorney
    I’d leave it alone. If they want to schedule a second interview, they know how to reach you. If they don’t, you contacting them isn’t going to make any difference. ...
    by Nony at 8:40 AM, 06-14-21
  • Is it really the normal and not the rule to be eventually asked to leave at BigLaw?
    I mean being counsel is kind of like being an O-6 for 20 years. Lol, isn’t it the O-5 who doesn’t make O-6 and then retires to become a DOD GS ...
    by BlendedUnicorn at 12:07 PM, 06-12-21
  • Milbank Does it Again: NY to $200k
    don't polk the bear hurr hurr hurr ...
    by ymmv at 11:24 AM, 06-12-21
  • AUSA - taking questions
    I interviewed with my local AUSA office (major city) like in the beginning of the year and still haven't heard back. I followed up like a month ago and they ...
    by Anongov at 5:45 PM, 06-10-21
  • 8 weeks since references/app
    Yeah that's very typical especially at some of the bigger orgs. Depending where you are, they might be in the midst of budget finalizations, which determines how many (if any) ...
    by Kümmel at 6:22 AM, 06-04-21
  • Trusts & Estates
    Good to know. I'm in PI now so the cutthroat aspect of practice isn't new to me unfortunately. On the plus side, if you do get into RE, if you live ...
    by TandE at 9:52 AM, 05-30-21
  • How Screwed Am I?
    Update: I ended my last semester pretty strong, with three A's, one A-, and one B+. My self-calculated overall GPA is about 3.55 and I have received Stone twice now ...
    by BlendedUnicorn at 7:08 AM, 05-25-21
  • Biglaw to Inouse/Government Exit Interview Question - Why are you leaving your job?
    This is probably Interviewing 101, but try to make each answer have something that shows what you can contribute to the employer. You can talk about your own professional and ...
    by JusticeHarlan at 9:18 PM, 05-23-21
  • City Attorney's Office?
    The questions can really vary from office to office. What kind of position is this in the city attorney’s office? Are you prosecuting at all? Civil defense litigation? Some general questions you ...
    by Story at 12:58 PM, 05-21-21
  • Gap in Resume?
    Yes, that's what I meant. Employers can be concerned about job-hopping, but they can also be concerned about resume gaps, so you kind of have to pick your poison. Personally ...
    by Nony at 10:17 PM, 05-15-21