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Recent Discussions

Law School Admissions
  • General Help
    I wouldn't stress too much about writing an "excellent" personal statement - you don't have a ton of control over how it's going to be perceived at the end of ...
    by icechicken at 3:13 PM, 10-16-19
  • Ads and promo codes for LSAT prep services
    PowerScore has a sale running for one more day (until 10/17/19) on the LSAT Courses. We are offering: $200 off the In Person Course $100 off the Live Online Course $50 off ...
    by PowerScoreAdmin at 6:28 AM, 10-16-19
  • June 2018 Study Group
    Hey, Im studying for the PGRE and planning on taking it in November. is anyone in the NYC area up for studying a study group? maybe meeting once or twice a ...
    by EmileTat at 11:24 AM, 10-13-19
  • Dropping Out and Reapplying
    Class of 2021 person here. I was admitted to H and a CCN. For idiosyncratic and psychologically twisted personal reasons, I chose the CCN. I first came to regret this ...
    by app at 3:59 AM, 10-05-19
  • Digital LSAT Dates Announced
    For practice with the new digital format, you can now purchase full digital LSAT tests and individual digital test sections from PowerScore. Unfortunately, it seems that this forum no longer ...
    by PowerScoreAdmin at 6:43 AM, 10-04-19
  • Free LSAT Materials
    Useful list! Thanks for sharing. ...
    by evaamart at 11:22 PM, 09-29-19
  • Spivey Consulting Q&A with Adcoms from Yale, Harvard, Penn, Chicago etc.
    Dear Spivey, Thanks for all the help you provide. I have a question about Early Decision and the October 28th LSAT. So most Early Decision deadlines are November 15. And the ...
    by gswarriors9434 at 12:55 PM, 09-26-19
  • GULC students & grads taking questions
    lol that's not the place to go. I ended up with at least one per class via some combo of peer advisor, 2/3Ls I met through student orgs, and the ...
    by Gray at 6:19 PM, 09-23-19
  • URM? International/non-traditional
    1) I will let someone else speak to the URM aspect more fully as I am not an expert, but just being of a particular nationality doesn't necessarily make you ...
    by HelloYesThisIsDog at 5:06 PM, 09-23-19
  • LL.M
    I don't know about FSU specifically but most LLMs are revenue generators for law schools, so they're not too picky, at least as compared to JD admissions. ...
    by HelloYesThisIsDog at 7:07 AM, 09-18-19
Classes and Bar Study
  • best law schools in Australia
    my friend's wife went to ANU, and it's an undergrad degree, not grad school. They have a graduate law school as well! It looks like Australia is a country that will ...
    by Slytherpuff at 2:04 PM, 10-16-19
  • Class of 2021: 2L 2 Furious
    Any suggestions for FedCourt Supplements? ...
    by Slippin’ Jimmy at 8:41 AM, 10-14-19
  • Selling recent PA and NJ (UBE) Themis bar books for cheap!
    Please message me if interested. Mint condition. ...
    by tikal at 6:16 PM, 10-13-19
  • Those with an LLM or Wanting an LLM
    Did you get no-offered? Anyway, I think TARE is predominantly Big 4. Not sure what you’re looking to do, but it’ll be difficult getting a big law firm with a ...
    by EmileTat at 11:37 AM, 10-12-19
  • Which bar exam should I take?
    Depends on how likely you are to change states, but I would definitely take the UBE if it were me. Not a huge list of cons for keeping options open. ...
    by ymmv at 4:44 PM, 10-10-19
  • Class of 2020 - 3LOL: Why are we still here?
    Tight tight. Any public interest peeps applying for jobs? ...
    by Clamence at 10:12 AM, 09-19-19
  • New Book: How to Succeed in Law School
    Oh, dude... https://lawprofessors.typepad.com/legal_skills/2019/08/how-minority-students-can-succeed-in-law-school.html Not a good look. ...
    by cavalier1138 at 6:25 AM, 09-08-19
  • Cool, helpful 1L guide
    Hi guys! I found myself constantly referring back to the same information while Bluebooking, so I put together this Bluebook citation reference that focuses on Statute citations. Hopefully it’s useful ...
    by legaleasetech at 12:17 PM, 09-06-19
  • Adult Diapers During Bar Exam
    I've heard adult diapers just for fun are still a thing ...
    by Hand at 8:39 AM, 08-24-19
  • Bluebook Case Citation Cheat Sheet
    Hey guys, I wanted to share a Bluebook case citation guide I put together. The guide explains the common elements of federal and state Bluebook court case citations. I included ...
    by legaleasetech at 2:38 PM, 08-22-19
Legal Practice and Employment
  • Law Clerk at Two Jobs at Once?
    That's fine if you want to try to do both jobs at once, but you ABSOLUTELY need to disclose it to both employers. AND you would need to provide live updates ...
    by heythatslife at 6:13 PM, 10-16-19
  • Is this site dead?
    Yeah I don't know, I used to check here once a day or so (more if there's a thread i'm actively posting in), but find myself checking maybe once or ...
    by HelloYesThisIsDog at 6:17 AM, 10-16-19
  • CS career megathread / AMA
    i read your earlier post as the first invoking happiness in general in conjunction with work. if you're ok coding as long as you get paid enough go for it ...
    by app at 7:50 PM, 10-15-19
  • jobless 3L at T14
    Apply (and be willing to work) everywhere. If you're looking at government, look outside of big cities since those jobs will be particularly competitive. ...
    by HelloYesThisIsDog at 1:52 PM, 10-14-19
  • Public Interest Environmental Attorney - AMA
    I work for government agency doing environmental enforcement work. Coming into law school, I was pretty set on doing public interest work of some kind. In the environmental field, I felt ...
    by Enviro attorney at 12:11 PM, 10-13-19
  • How much did you go to office after giving notice?
    This is my thought as well. People generally were nice about it and supportive of my departure, and figure there's not much they can do if I don't feel ...
    by OP Above at 1:25 PM, 10-07-19
  • Travel expenses
    Congrats, glad it all worked out! ...
    by Slytherpuff at 11:08 AM, 10-07-19
  • Google Legal Summer Institute
    Any updates on Google Legal Summer Institute/ turnaround time? ...
    by NotBing at 1:24 AM, 10-02-19
  • Background Check and Conflicts Process
    Most of the time there’s just no way to know without, idk, asking point blank (in which case I imagine the answer is “we don’t know, we use a third ...
    by ymmv at 12:02 PM, 10-01-19
  • Lateraling - Failing at first firm
    ^ Since OP is not making bonus and has already missed multiple deadlines, I'm sure they're finishing up first year, not just starting out. OP, I agree lateraling seems like a ...
    by JohnnieSockran at 8:43 AM, 09-30-19