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Recent Discussions

Law School Admissions
  • What are my chances - 170 2.99 URM
    Hey guys, I'm biracial - mother is South African and father South Asian. I have multiple takes 4+, worked in the bulge bracket, a private equity firm, and graduated in 2015. ...
    by Rowdy at 2:09 PM, 12-11-18
  • Columbia Law School Class of 2022 Applicants
    Are acceptances typically sent via email or mail? ...
    by NeverEverGiveUp at 1:12 PM, 12-11-18
  • URM 2018/19 Applicants Thread
    Checking in AA/Immigrant female in at UVA on 12/07. Goodluck, everyone! Congrats! When did you go complete? Did you get an email or a letter? ...
    by NeverEverGiveUp at 12:45 PM, 12-11-18
  • Georgetown Law c/o 2022 Applicants
    So I just asked GT for a fee waiver and got rejected. I'm feeling kind of nervous about submitting now. Stats are 3.4/171. Please submit and write a why GT. I ...
    by NeverEverGiveUp at 12:42 PM, 12-11-18
  • Harvard c/o 2022 Applicants
    Curious what state the admitted students' site is in now. ...
    by George Marshall at 12:41 PM, 12-11-18
  • Washington & Lee C/O 2022 Applicants
    Hopefully this thread is still active! Went UR today, really hoping for the best. I'm a splitter so I have no idea what to expect. Can anyone comment on what it's like ...
    by Stranger at 11:59 AM, 12-11-18
  • Irvine c/o 2022 Applicants
    Bit of movement today according to LSN! ...
    by Par0levid3nce at 11:50 AM, 12-11-18
  • BC, BU, Fordham, Cardozo, Cornell?
    You can absolutely improve on LR! Back in the day I found PowerScore's LR Bible really useful, but I haven't taken the LSAT since 2013 so more recent takers might ...
    by Slytherpuff at 11:06 AM, 12-11-18
  • Yale Law School Class of 2022 Applicants Thread
    First wave (should) be in about two weeks! Definitely not gonna be in it, but doesn't mean I won't be looking at my phone... I dont think anyone will be expecting ...
    by lawschoolhopeful at 10:53 AM, 12-11-18
  • Michigan c/o 2022 Applicants
    Hmmm UR again this morning. I hope I hear back soon haha Michigan's status checker updates everyday. You unfortunately can't tell when you go under certain reviews So did you finally get ...
    by rhythmofdevotion at 10:23 AM, 12-11-18
Classes and Bar Study
  • Class of 2021: It's so c0Ld in the D.
    My torts final today makes me want to throw up. Civ Pro tomorrow. I just took a practice test and omg it's not looking good. ...
    by LawSSS2 at 1:46 PM, 12-11-18
  • July 2018 California Bar Exam
    How are people studying for PR? Do you guys think doing mpre questions from Barbie is a good study method? And then just memorizing CA distinctions? You probably want to do ...
    by a male human at 1:06 PM, 12-08-18
  • 1L Anxiety Mediation Retreat, Spa, and Pancake Breakfast (tm)
    If you want to reformat, I think a 1L pancake breakfast would be v calming for all. ...
    by UVA2B at 2:11 PM, 12-06-18
  • Pre-writing exam answers
    Are you not using testing software? Registrar said Exam4 on take home mode, which will allow for cutting and pasting as well as web access. Neither seems like it'll be helpful ...
    by paperchaser at 12:52 PM, 12-06-18
  • Bar Exam Burnout?
    I agree with everything posted here. Even though I was a top student I let myself stress out anyway because I was going to be tested on lots of subjects ...
    by Amjur7 at 11:55 AM, 12-01-18
  • Emkay625's Guide to 1L Success
    A very well thought out post most of which is in line with my own experience. I never did a conventional outline and graduated first in my class. For some Courses ...
    by Amjur7 at 11:49 AM, 12-01-18
  • LSL Outline Database: Open Call for Law School Outlines!
    Anyone have an outline for Federal Criminal Law and its enforcement? ...
    by mynameisjeanvaljean at 1:26 PM, 11-18-18
  • Winning Closing Argument Videos
    Did you ever find anything? I’d be interested in watching some YouTube videos like you have described. I did. And I made Trial Team! These are from Prof. Wes Porter out ...
    by CS1775 at 9:30 AM, 11-15-18
  • Duke C/O 2021 [Admitted Students]
    Yeah I don't see anything for him for Civ Pro ...
    by Dr.Degrees_Cr.Cash at 6:35 AM, 11-15-18
  • Corporations / Tax Supplements
    fed income tax e&e is legit ...
    by waldorf at 4:41 PM, 11-12-18
Legal Practice and Employment
  • Entering Class Year
    Would coming in as a first-year buy you more time before the firm pushes you out under an "up or out" policy? ...
    by Guest at 7:26 AM, 12-11-18
  • 2018-2019 DOJ Honors Program
    Sooooo anyone fortunate? I was. Ended up with two offers, accepted one about a month ago. Full-time trial attorney spot in DC. I’m thrilled. ...
    by LoosieGoosie at 11:49 AM, 12-10-18
  • LevFIN PE M&A
    Could anyone tell me what some common exit options would be? ...
    by Purple Ranger at 1:29 AM, 12-09-18
  • I'm a Public Defender AMA
    I will hunt you down and scold you. ...
    by bikeflip at 12:49 PM, 12-08-18
  • Student Loans: Payment Options and Numbers
    Oh my law school only pays your PAYE payment ...
    by riot at 3:53 PM, 12-05-18
  • What the heck is "emerging growth"?
    I wrote this (checks date) like four and a half years ago, so I’m sure if I took the time I could update it, but whatever: Here's some thoughts for working ...
    by JusticeHarlan at 1:57 PM, 12-05-18
  • 2019 TX 1L SA Thread
    Some Dallas movement ...
    by texassss at 11:05 AM, 12-05-18
  • Ambulance Chasing (PI)
    I've done some lead buying but it's expensive - my firm does a ton of it (I'm not a solo). I get most of my clients through word of mouth. ...
    by Easy-E at 3:20 PM, 12-03-18
  • 2L Summer Q
    Learned quite a bit more about both State A and B today meeting with Career Development. State A's PD does not participate in EJW but instead does NYU and participates in ...
    by CS1775 at 12:23 PM, 11-29-18
  • Florida: Law Firms, Bugs, and Swamps
    I didn't land a single FL biglaw offer out if UVA despite growing up there and spending 1L summer there. FL is tough. ...
    by North at 4:24 PM, 11-27-18