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Law School Admissions
Classes and Bar Study
  • Class of 2020 - [Under Construction]
    im at a midlaw patent pros firm. its chill possible post grad employment here too ...
    by snarfing at 7:39 AM, 06-14-19
  • Class of 2021: 2L 2 Furious
    Anyone else cash in any Lexis points? dude I love seikos that's a legitimately good reward, I'm impressed lexis Even better, they kept the point exchange such that I wouldn't have come out ...
    by Stranger at 9:04 AM, 06-07-19
  • Duke C/O 2021 [Admitted Students]
    My career counselor said that bidlists were due this week or the day after grades come out—implying there’s a possibility they will not come out this week. i feel for y'all, ...
    by ntp at 5:13 PM, 06-06-19
  • What to say in a statement of interest for a class
    What blueapple said. Also, it doesn't have to be very long. I don't think I've written more than like a half a page either time I had to do one ...
    by Hey_Everybody at 6:46 PM, 06-03-19
  • Bar Exam Burnout?
    Every day, I dedicated at least 4 hours to doing something I enjoy. That thing was usually one of golf, video games, or watching TV. The lectures and exercises are ...
    by jingosaur at 5:06 PM, 06-02-19
  • Those with an LLM or Wanting an LLM
    I would think the most popular LLM programs would be those designed for international students with prior legal education in their home countries coming to the US who want to ...
    by CS1775 at 1:09 PM, 05-22-19
  • Vanderbilt c/o 2021!
    Hi, any students at Vanderbilt who can share practice exams for Professor Georges contracts courses? Thanks in advance. Too soon lol ...
    by Interstellar at 2:50 PM, 05-15-19
  • Reviewing Law Review (Journals, How to get them, What to expect, etc.)
    Can you talk about note proposals? How do I come up with an idea? ...
    by Littlewing67 at 2:31 PM, 05-11-19
  • How to learn how to do well on a law school exam
    Just wanted to give a fresh endorsement for the exam strategy course; I finished my first semester in the top 10% and feel good about my second semester exams. I ...
    by howdystopian at 11:28 AM, 05-07-19
  • 2019 July Texas Bar Thread
    Until Texas moves over to the UBE (Feb 2021), it's still doing its own thing. I'll try to build out this OP a little more later with additional resources, ...
    by bvest at 12:51 PM, 05-03-19
Legal Practice and Employment
  • Feeder Judge Rankings
    Not sure if Twerk is still around, but would love to see updates to the OP based on recently announced hires. Thanks! ...
    by Snow at 7:47 AM, 06-19-19
  • AZ Court of Appeals
    Looking for information about two judges on the AZ Court of Appeals or about the clerkship hiring practices of this court. ...
    by CS1775 at 5:42 PM, 06-17-19
  • 2019 Summer Bonus Discussion
    with how busy everyone's been, we sure as hell better get them When did Milbank announce last year? First week of June and Cravath had already one upped them by now I ...
    by BigZuck at 10:50 AM, 06-17-19
  • I'm a Public Defender AMA
    Not sure when the actual attorneys talked to witnesses, visited crime scenes, etc., themselves, but the federal PD office I interned at last summer had a couple of full-time investigators ...
    by stego at 10:00 AM, 06-17-19
  • How to turn down an offer at the end of a summer
    You don’t turn anything down until you have another job lined up. (Unless you know for certain that you absolutely wouldn’t work there in a million years and would go ...
    by rockathon at 9:29 AM, 06-17-19
  • Columbia 2019 EIP Bid List Advice/Discussion
    1. Debevoise NY (2) OR MoFo NY (2). Inclined to go with Debevoise since they gave 60 offers to CLS students last year, but MoFo would allow me to transfer ...
    by anonymous_andy at 9:00 AM, 06-17-19
  • Switching Summer Job
    Yeah def switch ...
    by North at 7:44 AM, 06-17-19
  • Difference between Litigation and International Arbitration
    I am currently interning and doing research/helping out in International arbitration cases. How different is the two and what do associates ussually do in litigation? I currently just do some ...
    by lolwat at 7:04 AM, 06-17-19
  • What task is this in big law and worth a cover letter mention??
    Yeah it sounds more like corporate type work, or at least definitely not litigation. I'd definitely include what you did in your 1L summer. And there are ways ...
    by lolwat at 6:58 AM, 06-17-19
  • CS career megathread / AMA
    Thanks! ...
    by jingosaur at 7:56 PM, 06-14-19