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Law School Admissions
Classes and Bar Study
  • HLS: How's Bebchuk as a professor?
    Lol hello spam. ...
    by Nony at 8:08 AM, 10-09-20
    I am an undergrad. I will never make it to law school without a tutor! Can you help? ...
    by HelpStephanie at 5:48 PM, 09-19-20
  • Strong MBE = AUTO bar pass
    I used this method. Didn’t do a single practice essay or study any of the essay-only topics. My bar study consisted entirely of practice MBE questions. Passed with a 176 ...
    by Gurppgork at 11:04 PM, 09-15-20
  • Bvest's MPT Guide
    Washington State MPT Grading Rubric: Score of 6 A 6 answer is a very good answer. A 6 answer indicates that the applicant has a thorough comprehension of the task, the relevant ...
    by waldorf at 5:23 PM, 09-05-20
  • Bar Prep - What to do in Last Two+ Weeks
    Bump for September examinees. ...
    by bvest at 7:02 PM, 08-17-20
  • background checks for clinics?
    i vaguely remember having to fill out a form or two to get certified as a student practicing law but it wasn't anywhere close to a c&f app. ...
    by pancakes3 at 11:07 AM, 08-09-20
  • Second Edition of Think Like A Lawyer
    I have just issued the second expanded edition of my book Think Like A Lawyer: Legal Reasoning for Law Students and Business Professionals. Because I am self-publishing this version, ...
    by ScottFruehwald at 11:17 AM, 07-31-20
  • Emkay625's Guide to 1L Success
    1) better to ask older students at your school; this is just a roadmap. a good one, but not as good as school/prof-specific advice/outlines 2) yall need to put in a ...
    by pancakes3 at 6:25 AM, 07-27-20
  • How to Grade into the Top 10% of Your 1L Class: LemonLawSchool
    For open-book exams, I strongly suggest pre-writing answers, with fill-in-the-blank gaps and answer-dependent segments. If you think your professor is amenable, ask him/her to review your model answer, let ...
    by dingbat at 5:10 PM, 07-05-20
  • Notes During Bar Prep
    thanks! I’m doing the UBE and the MBE is 50% so I am also prioritizing the MBE over the MEE/MPT ...
    by proteinshake at 12:54 PM, 06-21-20
Legal Practice and Employment
  • LRAP/IBR/PSLF. How does it work? Let's find out!
    FYI - y'all should call you servicers to see if the extension applies to you. My income based repayment anniversary is on January 1, so I don't qualify. The date ...
    by Nebby at 4:54 PM, 10-19-20
  • 2 weeks in - barely billing anything
    For clarity, I wasn’t saying he could or should actually write off the time. I meant spend additional time on something if needed. Don’t do this. That’s a quick way ...
    by waldorf at 12:22 PM, 10-18-20
  • Quitting without anything lined up
    Hello, I graduated ~7 years back, been an attorney with the Fed government for ~5 years now, and my job has not been working out very well for me, particularly since ...
    by Guest at 8:44 PM, 10-07-20
  • 2020 Fall Bonuses
    Is this thread taking place in the law grad lounge forum thing or why aren’t there more posts? People have been talking about them in here: https://www.lawschool.life/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=13378 Thank you! ...
    by BigZuck at 2:41 PM, 10-01-20
  • Gray’s Guide to Government Honors Programs
    Go with what you think is the best sample. If that’s the 15 pp one, it’s probably worth it. You want to avoid like a 20-40 pp sample or something ...
    by Nony at 3:02 PM, 09-30-20
  • Honestly does any other practice group in biglaw have to write as much shit as patent pros?
    never would've pegged you for patent pros they don't seem the type to ball outta control ...
    by Jubo at 10:30 AM, 09-28-20
  • Typo in Cover Letter
    Just spotted a typo in a cover letter I sent out 10 days ago. The address field got messed up and the street number went on the same line as ...
    by Hey_Everybody at 4:02 PM, 09-18-20
  • 2020 Pre-OCI Thread
    The info below will be updated as it rolls in. I hope this thread takes off and can be a useful centralized post for pre-OCI movement. Please comment or DM ...
    by Barry at 1:28 PM, 09-15-20
  • biglaw job security: better to dig in with 1 rainmaker or diversify work?
    It’s going to come down to firm/practice area/specific partner. If the rainmakers giving you work, then probably better to diversify. If the rainmakers giving you clients, then you ...
    by BlendedUnicorn at 3:37 PM, 09-09-20
  • Feeder Judge Rankings
    Do these numbers account for feeders to Justices Scalia and Kennedy? Since they were on the Court for most of the period, I think it would be helpful to have ...
    by ndirish2010 at 8:51 AM, 09-03-20