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  • Switching Practices
    I'll be starting at Kirkland/Weil this fall (or January 2021, who knows?). I'm slotted into a practice group that I'm interested in, but I'm also interested in BK work (at ...
    by AnonForToday at 11:37 AM, 05-29-20
  • Retired Lawyer Offers Free Copy of Legal Memoir
    Please stick to one thread, thank you. ...
    by Danger Zone at 5:17 AM, 05-29-20
  • Change of Career Post BL
    my buddy is assistant GC for a trade association and it looks to be the absolute chillest legal job to be had. ...
    by pancakes3 at 10:15 AM, 05-27-20
  • Feeder Judge Rankings
    Sutton has fed to Kagan. Trisha Anderson at Cov clerked for both. She clerked OT 2010. As the post indicates, these numbers are for OT 2011 through OT 2020. ...
    by SCOTUS Twerk at 10:37 PM, 05-26-20
  • Big law from UVA - no journal or moot?
    As long as your resume isn't devoid of arguably substantive ECs, you should be able to speak to those things for long enough to mitigate the lack of journal. No ...
    by spglasses at 8:20 PM, 05-24-20
  • questions for anyone who got 1L SA after the 2018 NALP changes
    I'm a 0L going into CCN this fall. I was reading Arrow's article but his section about getting a summer job with a firm is outdated since the 2018 changes ...
    by 2L_SA_Gunner at 8:21 AM, 05-22-20
  • Tax Llm without accounting degree?
    Same with Georgetown, but higher government placement (e.g. clerkship, IRS, DOJ, Dept of Labor) and lower Biglaw placement (probably 10%-20% either at graduation or after clerkship). You'll hear people say ...
    by Slytherpuff at 6:18 AM, 05-22-20
  • New York CLE Requirements
    Having re-read the FAQs: It's pro-rated at 1.5 credits per month. So if I come in at 12 months. I need to do 18 credits? But the caps don't apply to ...
    by NYLawyer2020 at 1:56 PM, 05-20-20
  • The Definitive Thread on North Carolina (NC) Law Firms
    anyone know how the local firms are doing right now given the downturn? ...
    by proteinshake at 12:17 PM, 05-20-20
  • 2 Month vs 1 Month Internship?
    oh no what have we done ...
    by BlendedUnicorn at 11:10 AM, 05-18-20