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Law School Admissions
  • Ingredients Used In We The People CBD Oil !
    It is interesting to word that the water answer We The People CBD Oil droplets, that are used inside the oil are smaller by nearly 4-2 hundred instances while compared ...
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  • URM? International/non-traditional
    Hi everyone, I'm kind of an uncommon case and could not find an exact reply to my questions. So here we go: I've got a 162 in the LSAT and a 3.4 ...
    by Chevi92 at 8:12 AM, 09-20-19
  • LL.M
    I don't know about FSU specifically but most LLMs are revenue generators for law schools, so they're not too picky, at least as compared to JD admissions. ...
    by HelloYesThisIsDog at 7:07 AM, 09-18-19
  • C/O 2021 LSAT/GPA Medians
    Anything posted for 2020? ...
    by ohhhhhello at 12:38 PM, 09-17-19
  • Harvard Students and Grads Taking Questions
    Yeah pretty sure blind grading is default for all classes with an exam component ...
    by heythatslife at 6:53 AM, 09-11-19
  • Dropping Out and Reapplying
    not what I was talking about Well, do you want to share what you were talking about? You're on an anonymous online forum. My money's on a break-up. ...
    by RichardMilhousNixon at 5:47 PM, 09-10-19
  • Should I apply ED?
    People here are all saying that ED automatically assumes sticker debt, though I've heard differently from other people who've ED'd to t13s who have substantial financial need based on their ...
    by inthetrenches21 at 2:06 PM, 09-10-19
  • GULC students & grads taking questions
    lol that's not the place to go. I ended up with at least one per class via some combo of peer advisor, 2/3Ls I met through student orgs, and the ...
    by uscg26 at 12:30 PM, 09-06-19
  • Risky Personal Statement. Advice?
    Whichever one you can write about that sounds like a more compelling case for why the school should accept you. I personally think boarding school in a third world ...
    by lolwat at 10:14 AM, 09-04-19
Classes and Bar Study
  • Class of 2021: 2L 2 Furious
    2L has been 2Much 🙁 ...
    by Littlewing67 at 11:35 AM, 09-19-19
  • Class of 2020 - 3LOL: Why are we still here?
    Tight tight. Any public interest peeps applying for jobs? ...
    by Clamence at 10:12 AM, 09-19-19
  • New Book: How to Succeed in Law School
    Oh, dude... https://lawprofessors.typepad.com/legal_skills/2019/08/how-minority-students-can-succeed-in-law-school.html Not a good look. ...
    by cavalier1138 at 6:25 AM, 09-08-19
  • Cool, helpful 1L guide
    Hi guys! I found myself constantly referring back to the same information while Bluebooking, so I put together this Bluebook citation reference that focuses on Statute citations. Hopefully it’s useful ...
    by legaleasetech at 12:17 PM, 09-06-19
  • Adult Diapers During Bar Exam
    I've heard adult diapers just for fun are still a thing ...
    by Hand at 8:39 AM, 08-24-19
  • Bluebook Case Citation Cheat Sheet
    Hey guys, I wanted to share a Bluebook case citation guide I put together. The guide explains the common elements of federal and state Bluebook court case citations. I included ...
    by legaleasetech at 2:38 PM, 08-22-19
  • Looking for MPRE Practice Test Answers
    Looking for the answers and explanations for Rigos Bar Review Series Course 5319 Final Exam 7-275. Thanks in advance! ...
    by CS1775 at 5:38 AM, 08-08-19
  • July 2018 NY Bar Exam
    How're y'all feeling? ...
    by SmittyWerben at 3:44 PM, 07-30-19
  • TLS Class of 2016
    Is it supposed to be a civics-type class? ...
    by DOT at 1:25 PM, 07-22-19
  • Question about Moral Character application, California.
    Does anyone have experience "getting the letter" after submitting your moral character application? I am told if you have prior arrests (like DUI or alcohol related arrests in undergrad) you automatically ...
    by dog at 12:04 PM, 07-13-19
Legal Practice and Employment
  • Government Honors Programs 2019-2020 App Cycle
    Had a qualifying interview for USACE Honors this week and thought I’d start a general thread for honors programs if people want to post their updates. No movement on other ...
    by Guest at 2:53 PM, 09-20-19
  • Public Interest Environmental Attorney - AMA
    Yearly bump 😂 ...
    by Nebby at 6:34 AM, 09-18-19
  • EJW Conference
    I'm an idiot - I signed up to interview candidates for our summer program and only two weeks ago realized it's the same day (Oct 18) as the first day ...
    by Nebby at 6:33 AM, 09-18-19
  • What was your first law job/salary & where are you now?
    1. T50 2. 2015 3. public interest (government), $40,000 in a medium/high cost of living area 4. public interest (government), $100,000 in a low cost of living area ...
    by Adso at 2:42 PM, 09-15-19
  • Litigation
    Did the judge excuse the witness when you asked? So far when practicing before the other judges, I did not have to ask; they always excused the witness. But next time ...
    by Adso at 2:36 PM, 09-15-19
  • 3L Public Defender Applications
    Bump for class of 2020. Anybody else here? ...
    by Clamence at 7:01 AM, 09-15-19
  • Partners without enough work
    Keep taking the work from other offices, but you should start looking. ...
    by HelloYesThisIsDog at 9:31 AM, 09-06-19
  • Memo due at Summer Job
    What summer program is still going? What is read the OP ...
    by Nebby at 3:45 PM, 09-05-19
  • Transfer offices
    Honestly my biggest concern would be not being bar licensed, and just being afraid that I'd fail the bar exam in the new state since it's been a couple of ...
    by Junior Transfer at 11:03 AM, 09-04-19
  • Hanging a shingle?
    Hope this is the right place for this. Just want to hear from students or grads who want to hang a shingle. Especially if you are already doing so. What ...
    by chewie at 7:37 AM, 09-03-19