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Recent Discussions

Law School Admissions
  • UPDATED NYU $$$$ vs Penn $$$$ vs UVA $$$$ vs Duke $$$$ vs Harvard at Sticker
    Yeah 30k for a better shot at the unicorn-side of your career goals looks eminently reasonable. My vote's for NYU. ...
    by necho2 at 9:03 AM, 03-19-19
  • Flexing HYS for $?
    Yes, you can do this. Very tactfully; the last thing you want your email to sound like is "I got into HYS/more money from X school and will go there instead ...
    by Brushedsuedeluvr at 8:14 AM, 03-19-19
  • Harvard c/o 2022 Applicants
    Is there anyone else who still has not heard back at all? I’m not entirely sure whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it seems quite late ...
    by EngineeredLawyer at 5:33 AM, 03-19-19
  • JD + PhD at another university.
    Yeah, I'm afraid I don't have a lot of experience with this, but my understanding is what heythatslife said. Overall, doctorate programs are probably easier to work around, in that ...
    by Nony at 5:07 AM, 03-19-19
  • NYU Students/Grads Taking Questions
    Hi all! Thanks for making this thread. A few questions - 1) Thoughts on on-campus vs off-campus? Can one get off-campus housing that's a better price than on-campus within a 20 ...
    by George Marshall at 10:17 PM, 03-18-19
  • Money v Name... UF, Chi, and NYU
    Don't go to UF if you want to do corporate or IP law. You have much better options. ...
    by lawman84 at 8:07 PM, 03-18-19
  • NYU c/o 2022 Applicants
    Based on a quick read of the intent to enroll form at NYU and the scholarship acceptance conditions, we do not have to withdraw pending applications in order to accept ...
    by Downy4in1 at 3:07 PM, 03-18-19
  • 2018-2019 SEO Applicants
    since theres only a couple of weeks between the date we learn we got seo, and the date we need to be in NY, are we responsible for booking flights, ...
    by LSNlife at 12:13 PM, 03-18-19
  • UChi c/o 2022 Applicants
    Got my scholarship offer last night. Mid Jan. admit. $60k. Around both 75ths. Glad to have something, but I'm not holding my breath on a game-changing outcome from the negotiation. Guess ...
    by negusdahabesha at 11:48 AM, 03-18-19
  • Which would you choose?
    SO has a very portable hospital job with minimal differences in earning potential when also accounting for COL differences. The proximity to DC is very appealing. Looks like I have ...
    by KDBurnerAccount at 11:29 AM, 03-18-19
Classes and Bar Study
  • Selling Critical Pass MBE Flashcards
    No writing/underlining on the cards; set dates from 2018. Please message me if you'd like to purchase them for the July bar! 🙂 ...
    by tikal at 1:49 AM, 03-19-19
  • Weird law school classes
    michigan has an extremely popular class called Bloodfeuds, but I didn't take it. An investigation of disputing and dispute processing in Iceland of the saga age with side glances at pre-Conquest ...
    by blueapple at 6:44 AM, 03-18-19
  • Selling Emanuel MBE, Critical Pass and Law in a Flash MBE
    I would say a combination of Strategies & Tactics, Critical Pass, and The GOAT MBE. I used all of them this time and I passed in Ohio. If I ...
    by Henrybax at 1:55 AM, 03-17-19
  • MBE Curve
    It means you don't know how many questions you had to answer correctly to pass. The number moves depending on how relatively difficult a test was compared to previous tests, ...
    by HelloYesThisIsDog at 5:48 PM, 03-05-19
  • Class of 2021: we're basically 1.5Ls now
    Fair enough. They give us the two weeks after finals for it. ...
    by Stranger at 11:42 AM, 03-05-19
  • Columbia: using cross-registration to gun for Kent/Stone?
    Only 2L/3Ls can cross-register. Honors only matter for 1L. Over half the class gets Stone in 2L/3L. I guess if you desperately want the RBG award and are really good ...
    by strightning at 7:00 PM, 02-25-19
  • writing on to law review
    My methodology of grading was "if I have to think super hard to understand your argument and find the issues the scoring memo told me to look for, you get ...
    by CS1775 at 6:30 AM, 02-24-19
  • Guide- Useful apps for law school
    Use a cloud storage service for your files. If your computer/hard drive completely fails or if you need to access your notes or documents remotely, you'll be grateful it was ...
    by HelloYesThisIsDog at 11:22 AM, 02-21-19
  • How to find note topics
    Have you ever been a fascinated student with a law prof? They usually have their areas of interest, so your job is to pick their brain for what interests them. ...
    by UVA2B at 1:54 PM, 02-18-19
  • Penn Law C/O 2021 (Admitted Students)
    Hi all! We should all meet and bitch about/celebrate that we still don't have grades ...
    by RubyRhad at 9:47 AM, 01-21-19
Legal Practice and Employment
  • Healthcare
    LaLaLaw covers what I think most firm healthcare practice groups do. It’s less a subject matter specialty than orienting business toward healthcare providers. There are distinct federal and state regulatory ...
    by 24K at 9:31 PM, 03-18-19
  • 1L Internship Abroad or RA?
    I did my 1L summer at a local biglaw-equivalent firm at a non-US location. OCI was totally fine. I think 1 interviewer asked, out of some 50+ that I met ...
    by heythatslife at 7:38 PM, 03-18-19
  • Clerkship Time
    I'm slow at responding these days but feel free to PM me if you've got any questions, etc... Henrybax -- I'd say it's tough but not impossible from your school if ...
    by lolwat at 8:07 AM, 03-18-19
  • Clerkship requirements for appellate litigation
    Are you looking at any particular firms? Biglaw only or boutique as well? I'd say in general any COA clerkship would make you somewhat competitive for appellate litigation, but you ...
    by lolwat at 8:03 AM, 03-18-19
  • AUSA - taking questions
    Fair, and thanks. ...
    by BlendedUnicorn at 6:06 PM, 03-17-19
  • Jobless 2L at NU with 3.0 GPA
    The above is good advice, but I’d also consider reworking your resume at this point some too. ...
    by Johannes at 8:42 PM, 03-16-19
  • I'm a Public Defender AMA
    Also recently received and accepted a Colorado offer, so thanks Borhas and everyone else for the Colorado info, it's proved to be pretty immensely helpful. Now the waiting game for ...
    by bikeflip at 7:53 PM, 03-15-19
  • Criminal Defense
    Had trial scheduled for yesterday. Learned earlier in the week that court was shutting down early yesterday and today. Told DA when first got there that we should just continue ...
    by Caesar at 8:16 AM, 03-15-19
  • 1L/Diversity SA Thread 2019
    did anyone get a rejection letter from white and case? i know they are done with offers but they never sent me one. does that mean they dont want me ...
    by economist123 at 4:19 PM, 03-14-19
  • Smokey’s Guide to Biglaw Summer Associate
    is it okay to ask for one day off for my sister’s grad ceremony? Yes, but it’s still important how you do it. Inform your primary contact at the firm (likely ...
    by proteinshake at 4:12 PM, 03-14-19