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Law School Admissions
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    Hmmm, perhaps the Russians are unhappy with the way Columbia is processing their apps as well. Given how well they are connected to the former president and most of the ...
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    Hi! what tips would people recommend for preparing and studying routines during 1L year? How do people successfully prepare for grading and exam readiness? I'm really curious --- I've definitely ...
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  • Take A lower T14 (ex. Northwestern) NOW or Reapply?
    I heard this cycle was a bloodbath and potentially the most competitive cycle on record due to (1) people deferring to avoid COVID school of law and consequently taking up ...
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    Sure ...
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  • 179 3.8 t-6
    I have no specific info on NYU, but wanted to offer my congratulations ...
    by haus at 5:41 AM, 06-15-21
  • Ads and promo codes for LSAT prep services
    For the last half-year, I have been pursued by learning difficulties, so before passing the LSAT, I decided to try online learning at . So far I like it ...
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  • duke, uva, cornell, or retake
    . ...
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  • LSAT Registration Through June 2022 Opens Tomorrow!
    LSAC has just announced they will open up registration for every LSAT from August 2021 through June 2022 starting tomorrow! These tests are all in the new “3 scored + ...
    by DKilloranPowerScore at 9:10 AM, 04-30-21
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    Your practice test scores are excellent. Did you take the practice tests timed or untimed? They were timed. I ran out of time on logic games on my first test with ...
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Classes and Bar Study
Legal Practice and Employment
  • Big Law to Government Procurement
    Awesome! CONGRATS! ...
    by Story at 10:33 PM, 07-28-21
  • Do a large amount of plaintiff’s lawyers tend to be conservative?
    As my post suggests, there is more than one named partner… the firm colloquially goes by the name of the first two. Is more than one trump-supporting prominent plaintiff-side employment ...
    by Recr at 12:58 PM, 07-22-21
    Yeah you can scale in law somewhat. But equity biglaw partner takes 15 years which kind of defeats the point of scaling. It’s also not 10x scaling but more like ...
    by BlendedUnicorn at 2:13 PM, 07-20-21
  • Which job should I take?
    Congratulations! I hope the job is what you expected. ...
    by Story at 10:05 AM, 07-20-21
  • Just lateraled into Biglaw and making twice my salary - what should I expect
    I can't speak to L&E, but as a general rule you'll be working on bigger matters with bigger teams, so you should expect that a higher percentage of your work ...
    by BlendedUnicorn at 4:15 PM, 07-17-21
  • Best way to turn down an accepted offer for new offer?
    I would just be up front with the scorned employer and tell them professionally and respectfully that you’ve decided to choose a different offer. Do any of you have thoughts about ...
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  • Clerking's killed my interest in practicing law
    Follow up: I accepted a position with a public defender agency for after my clerkship. The office I'll be working at was my top pick and is in exactly the ...
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  • Gap in Resume?
    I took a 3 month break. I was just tired of working biglaw hours and falling sick so decided to quit with nothing lined up. Had no trouble getting another ...
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  • How to buy more time to respond to an inhouse gig offer?
    Do you have any idea how long your other offers will take to come through? ...
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  • Computer Skills
    Thanks everyone... I'm going into corporate - so mainly word-related stuff like how to properly number sections / subsections .. ...
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