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Recent Discussions

Law School Admissions
  • duke, uva, cornell, or retake
    Consensus is Charlotte hours are lower than NYC. Keep in mind 1900-2000 is just a common threshold to be eligible for bonus at many NY firms, most work beyond it. ...
    by Serett at 12:03 AM, 04-10-21
  • Serving in Army Reserves during law school?? Impact on admissions?
    Did you make a decision, OP? If anyone is thinking of doing something similar, I would recommend planning to plan your life around the Army Reserve rather than vice versa. Two days ...
    by Story at 9:23 PM, 04-09-21
  • Employment Statistics by School - C/O 2019 rolling out + C/O 2012-2017 data
    Sorry, phrased that poorly. Why did they show a huge year-to-year gain? I was confused because they usually have a very high total in general - what lowered their totals ...
    by DankHill at 8:48 PM, 04-09-21
  • LSAC School Report
    LSAC used to publish these data but they're hard to find now. Had min/mean/max GPA and LSAT as well as the population of people from an undergrad applying to LS ...
    by icechicken at 10:47 AM, 04-08-21
  • CUNY Law vs New York Law School
    How much in student loans do you plan to take our for NYLS and for CUNY? ...
    by Story at 5:11 AM, 04-05-21
  • Personal Statement
    More than willing to as well. 0L admitted to several T14s. ...
    by DankHill at 3:29 PM, 03-27-21
  • Northwestern JD/PhD program?
    Has anyone heard back from the Northwestern JD/PhD program? ...
    by ssilt at 12:27 PM, 03-23-21
  • Do international students get Ruby’s?
    From data and ABA reports it's clear UChicago has a bias against international students. But, as an international student got a Ruby? 6 posts · Why do you say they have ...
    by Stranger at 1:03 PM, 03-19-21
  • UC Hastings c/o 2021 Applicants
    I am a 1981 Hastings grad. Sadly, my advice to applicants is to seek admission to schools other than Hastings. When I attended, Hastings was consistently a top 20 or ...
    by scotsamurai at 12:16 PM, 03-11-21
  • The official 2021 LSAT study group
    Yeah we focusing on Latest RC, it's usually quite a big drop between -4 and -5. The drops have been consistently happening on passages where the topic is one that is ...
    by IntellectualMode at 5:37 AM, 03-11-21
Classes and Bar Study
  • What does law coursework look like?
    0L here, but I will recommend the quite excellent (and probably still timely) TLS thread: "Lawyers - What's your typical day?" https://www.top-law-schools.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=228583 ...
    by DankHill at 12:50 AM, 03-14-21
  • PSA: Do Not Pay Full Price for a Bar Course (NEGOTIATE!)
    Similarly, Kaplan had a buy one get one free type deal. If one person pays for a course, a friend pursuing a PI job can get the course for free. ...
    by Kümmel at 3:23 PM, 02-01-21
  • LSL Outline Database: Open Call for Law School Outlines!
    Does anyone have an Employment Law Outline? Particularly keyed to Employment Law 6th Edition by Willborn. Thank you! ...
    by Littlewing67 at 3:40 PM, 01-26-21
  • How to learn how to do well on a law school exam
    I realize this is an old thread, but I thought I would chime in with a method that helped me as I transitioned from 1L to 2L. I saw a ...
    by pipedream at 11:26 PM, 01-21-21
  • How Can I Find a Second Data Point to Estimate Class Rank?
    Thanks Stranger, that helps! ...
    by Churchill at 2:58 PM, 01-09-21
  • legal podcasts
    Tagging in. From a practical, local standpoint, the Texas Appellate Law podcast is a good one. But it is both very practical and very local (a recent one was on ...
    by bvest at 3:20 PM, 12-08-20
    Does your school not have a legal writing program where 2/3Ls or practitioners review and critique your work? If not, what school is it so we can shame them for ...
    by UVA2B at 6:17 AM, 12-04-20
  • Marino Retaker Course
    I actually was considering using Marino Bar Review to take the exam for my second try at it. I skipped the remote exam my state gave in October for a ...
    by MBarb at 1:12 PM, 11-18-20
  • Legal writing symbols program (§, ¶, —...)
    Hi everyone -- and particularly those taking Legal Research & Writing this semester -- we wanted to let you know about some software that we're offering 100% free for students ...
    by lawcuts at 11:07 PM, 10-30-20
  • HLS: How's Bebchuk as a professor?
    Lol hello spam. ...
    by Nony at 8:08 AM, 10-09-20
Legal Practice and Employment
  • Careers in legal aid
    The offices in the small towns certainly are, but I'm based in one of the metro areas where they're more specialized. I'm not super picky though, so at least at ...
    by sev at 8:58 PM, 04-07-21
  • LRAP/IBR/PSLF. How does it work? Let's find out!
    Submitted my annual recertification and up to 51/120 qualifying payments. I can see light at the end of the tunnel! ...
    by Nebby at 6:30 AM, 04-07-21
  • I'm a Public Defender AMA
    Just got hired as a PD. I’m going to be thrown into the fire of misdemeanors. I know much of this varies by state and even county, but is there ...
    by Borhas at 11:42 AM, 03-18-21
  • Has Covid-19 impacted PI/Gov hiring or am I just a loser?
    Just ask someone at your law school if it'll affect your eligibility for the fellowship to turn down the interview. As long as it doesn't I think you can and ...
    by Hey_Everybody at 7:08 PM, 03-11-21
  • Freddie Mac
    I used to do some deal work with Freddie and their lawyers seemed to keep pretty reasonable hours. Not sure about anything else. ...
    by BlendedUnicorn at 11:28 PM, 03-09-21
  • "Why did you do a big law internship your 2L summer?""
    Thanks all! Also, just realized I posted this in the wrong thread lol. I meant to post this in my other one about public interest and Covid. Oops. ...
    by Saami at 6:20 PM, 03-08-21
  • How do local prosecutors and PDs handle so many cases at one time?
    Thanks for you insight, Clamence. I’ve never worked as a PD, but I’ve had lots of experience working with PDs as opposing counsel. I probably have less insight than you since ...
    by Story at 2:32 PM, 03-08-21
  • Past use of weed not disqualifying for the feds
    I think DOD did. Anyway, like I said, I don’t think it’s actually very different from practice, but saying it out loud is different from individual agencies/evaluators exercising discretion. ...
    by Nony at 4:55 PM, 03-02-21
  • Typo in Cover Letter
    Congratulations! ...
    by Story at 9:19 AM, 03-02-21
  • Clerking's killed my interest in practicing law
    I work in an investigatory area in government and, based on some of what you've said here, I think you might like a lot of the aspects of this kind ...
    by blueapple at 8:11 AM, 02-23-21