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Law School Admissions
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  • LSAC GPA Higher?
    Not sure you need an addendum to explain the GPA situation. LSAC doesn't count post-bacc credits per policy and I don't see the benefit in drawing attention to the weakest ...
    by tfameridam at 5:56 AM, 01-20-21
  • PS feedback?
    I hope everyone is doing well. I was wondering if anyone on lawschoollife has the time to review one poor soul's personal statement. You would have my immense appreciation! I'll ...
    by app at 12:19 PM, 01-19-21
  • Is it worth it to reapply? 17high 3.6high
    Would you feel comfortable posting your PS in here so that people could look it over and give you some thoughts as to how it might have come off? (If ...
    by app at 4:56 PM, 01-09-21
  • 3.4/161/ LGBT-URM Chances at Duke Law
    I echo what others have said. The fact that you took the LSAT cold is further evidence that you should retake. A 161 is a pretty good score if you ...
    by Stranger at 2:45 PM, 01-08-21
  • Non-traditional student looking for advice/feedback
    Thank you all for the great feedback! It is very much appreciated. ...
    by NCBartender15 at 8:58 PM, 12-29-20
  • Berkeley BigLaw/Tech Law w/ out STEM background
    Thanks everyone, this is very helpful. Yes, I was basically wondering if it was a good idea to try to do some kind of tech law in order to capitalize on ...
    by Haunt at 1:12 PM, 12-29-20
  • Hi. New here. Thinking of becoming a lawyer.
    If you work in law because it’s prestigious, then what would you do if it becomes non-prestigious? Quit law and go to tech? What a miserable existence that would be. ...
    by Story at 4:59 PM, 12-28-20
  • Addenda?
    you can write about your situation as a caregvier in your personal statement. ...
    by pancakes3 at 10:09 AM, 12-24-20
Classes and Bar Study
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  • How to learn how to do well on a law school exam
    I realize this is an old thread, but I thought I would chime in with a method that helped me as I transitioned from 1L to 2L. I saw a ...
    by pipedream at 10:26 PM, 01-21-21
  • How Can I Find a Second Data Point to Estimate Class Rank?
    Thanks Stranger, that helps! ...
    by Churchill at 1:58 PM, 01-09-21
  • legal podcasts
    Tagging in. From a practical, local standpoint, the Texas Appellate Law podcast is a good one. But it is both very practical and very local (a recent one was on ...
    by bvest at 2:20 PM, 12-08-20
    Does your school not have a legal writing program where 2/3Ls or practitioners review and critique your work? If not, what school is it so we can shame them for ...
    by UVA2B at 5:17 AM, 12-04-20
  • Marino Retaker Course
    I actually was considering using Marino Bar Review to take the exam for my second try at it. I skipped the remote exam my state gave in October for a ...
    by MBarb at 12:12 PM, 11-18-20
  • Legal writing symbols program (§, ¶, —...)
    Hi everyone -- and particularly those taking Legal Research & Writing this semester -- we wanted to let you know about some software that we're offering 100% free for students ...
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  • HLS: How's Bebchuk as a professor?
    Lol hello spam. ...
    by Nony at 7:08 AM, 10-09-20
  • Strong MBE = AUTO bar pass
    I used this method. Didn’t do a single practice essay or study any of the essay-only topics. My bar study consisted entirely of practice MBE questions. Passed with a 176 ...
    by Gurppgork at 10:04 PM, 09-15-20
  • Bvest's MPT Guide
    Washington State MPT Grading Rubric: Score of 6 A 6 answer is a very good answer. A 6 answer indicates that the applicant has a thorough comprehension of the task, the relevant ...
    by waldorf at 4:23 PM, 09-05-20
Legal Practice and Employment