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Recent Discussions

Law School Admissions
  • WUSTL Students and Grads Taking Questions
    anybody going to this WUSTL employer showcase? Yes! ...
    by DaydreamNation at 8:16 PM, 01-16-19
  • Stanford c/o 2022 Applicants
    Have any admitted students (who've received their admit package) been able to access the admitted students' page? I've been getting "Page not found" notifications and I'm wondering if I've entered ...
    by elmandyork at 6:26 PM, 01-16-19
  • UChi c/o 2022 Applicants
    If this is the 2nd change since the interview I would expect a decision tomorrow or Friday. Not to make y’all anxious. 😯 😯 😯 Speechless. ...
    by leefliberte at 3:32 PM, 01-16-19
  • Northwestern c/o 2022
    ASW is April 5-6 according to their website - y'all planning on going? I'm hoping to depending on if they offer a stipend! ...
    by rhythmofdevotion at 12:23 PM, 01-16-19
  • Georgetown Law c/o 2022 Applicants
    Just got my ED acceptance letter. 3.4 GPA 168 LSAT. Applied in December and they let me know Jan 7th. No interview, no optional essay. Honestly no idea how I got ...
    by merintil at 10:35 AM, 01-16-19
  • HLS Orientation Schedule?
    I don't have a copy of the orientation schedule, but it was pretty standard fare: check-in and pick up ID one day, campus and library tours (optional) a second day, ...
    by piggy11 at 10:28 AM, 01-16-19
  • Penn c/o 2022 Applicants
    In on the wave yesterday! Got the email this morning. ...
    by George Marshall at 8:42 AM, 01-16-19
  • Columbia Law School Class of 2022 Applicants
    Was admitted in yesterdays wave! Are the Hamilton and Butler scholarships the only merit-based scholarships CLS offers? Is every app considered for the scholarship? Are there any forms that are ...
    by George Marshall at 8:10 AM, 01-16-19
  • 161/3.2 AA Chance me please
    I agree completely with the advice above. Retaking really is your best option. That being said I was AA F, 162/3.2 and I yielded incredibly successful results with $$$ although ...
    by LSNlife at 7:50 AM, 01-16-19
  • Berkeley/Boalt Students and Graduates Taking Questions
    Current 1L at Berkeley Law here. Happy to assist admits in any way I can! ...
    by NukinFutz at 6:26 PM, 01-15-19
Classes and Bar Study
  • Yale Law School c/o 2022 (Admitted Students)
    https://law.yale.edu/ui/images/logo@2x.png https://law.yale.edu/sites/default/files/images/About%20Us_Images/web_0030_gallery11.jpg Figured it was about time to get this started. I'm not fully committed yet (and I'm sure most of you aren't), but a thread can keep us up to date ...
    by Lankhs at 5:52 PM, 01-16-19
  • Class of 2021: we're basically 1.5Ls now
    Same but with my writing sample. Maybe if I missed it the first 5 times I read it the employer did too? This is why once I decided my writing sample ...
    by Stranger at 5:36 PM, 01-16-19
  • Class of 2020 - [Under Construction]
    So what's everyone doing for 2L summer? My plan is to intern with a state public defender and appear in court. Also need to get started on clerkship applications soon. Exact ...
    by SpikeSeagull at 7:19 AM, 01-15-19
  • Weird law school classes
    My school has had a class on casino/gaming law before, and I’m really hoping they bring it back before I graduate that seems so interesting. i'd love to take that e: i've ...
    by Mikey at 7:03 AM, 01-14-19
  • February 2019 DC Bar Exam FYI
    Beware... 1/11/2019 Based on all available information at this time, we are still planning to administer the February 2019 bar examination as scheduled. However, we are closely monitoring any new developments ...
    by Kümmel at 7:20 PM, 01-13-19
  • C&F Lawyers
    Spoke to administration today and the deans think that this will be a non-issue provided I can explain the charge, date, and disposition of the case on my application. For ...
    by riot at 5:52 PM, 01-11-19
  • Class of 2018 - I guess we have to do jobs now
    That's exactly what my work environment is like . . . is you substitute in "14" for "8" and "not" for "still." ...
    by Door Ladder at 11:39 AM, 01-10-19
  • USC 1L Contracts
    Hey everyone, I'm wondering if there's anyone who's taken contracts with Gillian Hadfield would be willing to share their exam? She's a brand-new prof at UofT law (where I am), and ...
    by quinoa159 at 11:30 AM, 01-10-19
  • Emkay625's Guide to 1L Success
    thank you for this! if I PM you my email can you send me the documents you were talking about too? ...
    by bwinning at 10:06 AM, 01-08-19
  • Professional Responsibility/MPRE Qs
    I liked my class, but it was presented largely through stories of people who fucked up the rules. ...
    by Nony at 2:21 PM, 01-07-19
Legal Practice and Employment
  • Akin Gump vs Baker McKenzie 1L Summer Associate
    They're both in Houston? ...
    by HelloYesThisIsDog at 7:06 PM, 01-16-19
  • Non bar-passage jobs
    I see. I think it would be hard to establish consensus for non JD jobs. I don't know if the consulting world is so uniform that they all abide by ...
    by HelloYesThisIsDog at 3:26 PM, 01-16-19
  • 2018-2019 Post-Clerkship Hiring
    Wheeler Trigg is such a fascinating operation. They love clerks and seem to look pretty broadly geographically when they're hiring (I'm clerking in a Midwestern market and one of my ...
    by GuyWhoWatches at 12:27 PM, 01-16-19
  • 1L/Diversity SA Thread 2019
    Any pre-grades offers for non HYS students? yes Congrats! And if you feel comfortable sharing—School range? Firm range? Diversity/IP/regular SA? Not me, sorry should have clarified ...
    by LawSSS2 at 10:14 AM, 01-16-19
  • Relevance of Arabic or Persian for Nat Sec?
    What are some of the specific ways to achieve a comprehensive socialist movement...what would it look like more explicitly...what are its tenements? This will be your last warning: one more irrelevant ...
    by UVA2B at 4:46 AM, 01-16-19
  • Looking to confidentially/privately share experiences re: Patent Pros
    I’d be happy to discuss but you didn’t give any details on your firm or anything to respond to. OP here Apologies for delay on this reply--I'm really not active on this ...
    by patentkid at 11:51 PM, 01-15-19
  • A Guide to SA Positions at "Elite" Plaintiff/Private Public Interest Firms
    A little about me credentials-wise, if it helps you gauge competitiveness: HYS, probably about top 20% grades, senior position on a secondary journal, SDNY/EDNY/DDC/NDCA clerkship (although I did not have ...
    by hpntq at 10:10 PM, 01-15-19
  • Clerkship Bonuses 2018
    Any word on Selendy & Gay, Kaplan Hecker & Fink, Mololamken, and Patterson Belknap? ...
    by Guesttt at 3:25 PM, 01-15-19
  • V5/WLRK or Lit Boutique?
    Lit boutiques vary widely. Depending on what your goals are, I would suggest doing some research and look at ones with real track records where people actually stay and make partner, ...
    by lolwat at 8:21 PM, 01-14-19
  • Researching Firms: A NALP and Chambers and Partners How-to
    I'm hoping it's just me, but your images aren't showing up in the original post nor in the quoted posts :/ Not sure whether being in a different country atm ...
    by UVA2B at 7:59 PM, 01-14-19