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Recent Discussions

Law School Admissions
  • Has anyone ever filed a complaint about testing conditions? My test fell apart
    Sorry to hear, but if your gripe is that you're going to have to sit out a cycle, I'm not sure what can be done about it ...
    by pancakes3 at 4:21 PM, 07-22-19
  • Rising Junior w GPA 3.638
    Echo above. You can retake the LSAT -- but you can't retake undergrad. Focus on college now, plan on taking a year or more off between college and ...
    by Rowdy at 12:06 PM, 07-22-19
  • NourishAndStrengthen's Guide to Admissions Essays
    Some applicants can benefit, mostly if you have C&F issues or are a particularly unconventional applicant (especially severe splitters) and want assistance making your whole application as strong as it ...
    by Nony at 10:42 AM, 07-20-19
  • Old Fart Support Group
    Hey guys! It's been ages since I logged in. (Work is slooooow today...) My school is on a quarterly system so I had my last final on June 14th and started ...
    by Stranger at 3:31 PM, 07-19-19
  • NYU Students/Grads Taking Questions
    +1 to the above. Keep in mind that the research and writing assignments in Lawyering are probably the most relevant things you'll do in 1L for developing skills you'll actually ...
    by NYUBound at 8:13 AM, 07-19-19
  • UTexas BL Chances
    Am I wrong to blink at UT’s numbers? I’ve l read stuff on here about how Texas firms will allegedly dip lower than at T14’s etc. for hiring. Is there ...
    by sunnysidedown at 5:06 PM, 07-16-19
  • UChicago Students and Grads Taking Questions and providing positive externalities
    K&E was announced on June 21 last year ...
    by Fox at 8:07 PM, 07-13-19
  • GPA and UGPA
    If you can keep your total LSAC GPA above a 3.5 and hit 170+ on the LSAT, you'd be an ordinary splitter at much of the t13. They take ...
    by Stranger at 2:03 PM, 07-13-19
  • Gunning for academia in 2019 and beyond
    Absofuckinglutely. ...
    by Nony at 9:37 AM, 07-12-19
  • Harvard Students and Grads Taking Questions
    Anyone heard back about BSA/heard about someone who has? radio silence here...Are they calling rn or is it about the time? According to TLS last year emails had been sent on/by July ...
    by april_ludgate at 2:04 PM, 07-11-19
Classes and Bar Study
  • Class of 2021: 2L 2 Furious
    When do you guys start picking classes for the fall? In late March. What you takin? Con Law (we're in the weird camp that does this 2L), Evidence, Family Law, and a Statutory ...
    by Stranger at 2:31 PM, 07-22-19
  • TLS Class of 2016
    Is it supposed to be a civics-type class? ...
    by DOT at 1:25 PM, 07-22-19
  • New Book: How to Succeed in Law School
    Sorry, I thought it would be obvious. Scott (author) ...
    by lw111989 at 2:21 PM, 07-14-19
  • Question about Moral Character application, California.
    Does anyone have experience "getting the letter" after submitting your moral character application? I am told if you have prior arrests (like DUI or alcohol related arrests in undergrad) you automatically ...
    by dog at 12:04 PM, 07-13-19
  • Bar Prep - What to do in Last Two+ Weeks
    Bump. ...
    by bvest at 7:30 AM, 07-12-19
  • 7L of a Ride [LSL Class of 2015]
    This is not a 0L thread. ...
    by bvest at 11:08 PM, 07-07-19
  • Columbia: using cross-registration to gun for Kent/Stone?
    Only law credits are used to calculate honors. Please chill out ...
    by Naguib at 9:10 AM, 07-03-19
  • Law Exam Essay
    Well, ideally, you've talked to your professor ahead of time and learned what kind of structure they want to see (IRAC, CREAC, etc.). Some want a very narrative prose ...
    by Stranger at 9:28 AM, 06-30-19
  • July 2018 NY Bar Exam
    Im surprised that this post hasnt triggered much attention. Has anyone started the prep for the July 2018 CA Bar Exam? https://www.lawschool.life/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=7271&hilit=Bar&start=125 For some reason it's in the Lounge but ...
    by heythatslife at 8:02 AM, 06-28-19
  • T22's (Lazy-ish) Guide to #1 at a TT
    i actually think supplements are flame. the concepts aren't hard, and going over supplements is wheel spinning. but if you do get supplements, they're all more or less the same. ...
    by Stranger at 6:28 PM, 06-21-19
Legal Practice and Employment
  • Views on Reapplying?
    I saw a Reddit post about you can reapply to firms you didnt get an OCI offer from. I was wondering if I can get some second thoughts if this ...
    by economist123 at 8:20 PM, 07-22-19
  • CS career megathread / AMA
    Goddamn it I love this thread and every time I catch up on it, I still think about uninstalling law and doing some cool ass shit with you guys ...
    by DOT at 1:32 PM, 07-22-19
  • clerkship hiring plan problems
    Heard a lot from people at my T13 about problems with the clerkship plan. A lot of rising 3Ls are having trouble getting a clerkship for right after graduation ...
    by yikes at 12:09 PM, 07-22-19
  • V5 v V10 v V40-60 (3L)
    i'd vote for home market, but also curious how you have offers while you're doing your 2L summer Firms started posting on my school's job board at about week 4 for ...
    by 64Fl at 10:28 PM, 07-21-19
  • recruiters for in-house positions
    Anyone got a lead on a good recruiter for in-house positions in California? PM me 🙂 ...
    by lolwat at 11:26 AM, 07-21-19
  • Clerkship to Firm Questions
    I wouldn't be too worried, but I'd keep looking. My impression is that firms tend to take a lot longer when it comes to lateral hires because it's more ...
    by lolwat at 3:07 PM, 07-19-19
  • The Vale of Tears (3L Job Hunting) (No advice for 0/1/2Ls)
    This website seems to keep the login info updated: https://ualr.edu/law/career-services/websites-to-search-for-jobs/ As of today, this login worked: Username: jrcbcougar Password: quicklawmcgraw Doesn't work for me. Username: jrcbcougar Password: 1L2L3L Updating OP. any chance there ...
    by seniorjudge5 at 10:56 AM, 07-19-19
  • How long to wait before reaching out again/moving on?
    One day is not nearly enough time. Partners are very busy people. Give it at least a week and then I'd email again unless he specifically welcomed you to call ...
    by Danger Zone at 7:34 AM, 07-18-19
  • Fired from 2 biglaw jobs in 6 months - please help
    Thanks for the responses everyone. I'm currently gunning for midlaw and I'm going to try to get some contract work. My practice group is pretty hot right now and a ...
    by biglaw atty at 3:59 PM, 07-17-19
  • Second Year Associate, let go from first big law gig and probably about to be let go again
    Law school career services will probably have the most ideas about your options. Other than that, any mentors you have, or even anyone that you had a decent connection ...
    by lolwat at 7:55 AM, 07-17-19