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Law School Admissions
  • Harvard Students and Grads Taking Questions
    Thank you! Is it common for students to take research assistant opportunities in the spring or ask? Is it worth it to do so if a student is interested in ...
    by wolverinesforever at 9:55 PM, 01-01-22
  • reapply/retake question?
    I’d imagine the one fewer section would make a big difference. Lots of people have stamina issues and less exam to do would help. ...
    by Nony at 11:12 PM, 12-13-21
  • Those who got -2/-0 on RC on an official recent test or were natural at RC, what did you do?
    i've been using aeon.co articles as part of the material that's close to kind of passages one sees on the test. very interesting article i recently read. https://aeon.co/essays/machine-writing-is-closer-to-literatures-history-than-you-know machine learning ...
    by app at 3:33 PM, 12-08-21
  • 156, 3.23 - Apply Part Time or Retake?
    I was a non-traditional student who got their JD from a part-time program. I started law school in my early 40s. I had attended 10 colleges before earning a BS, ...
    by haus at 11:01 AM, 12-04-21
  • Dropping Out and Reapplying
    Just read the whole thread. Was a ride. ...
    by MidwestMan at 12:17 PM, 12-03-21
  • Grades for Harvard to Yale?
    They were admitted sometime before July 2019 so I’m going to assume it’s the good old traditional paper test. ...
    by Nony at 11:19 AM, 11-26-21
  • Please give me feedback on my personal statement
    OP here. Can mods delete my original post/essay? I appreciate everyone's feedback. Just wanted it to be removed now. Thank you. Done ...
    by Danger Zone at 4:12 AM, 11-12-21
  • WUSTL Students and Grads Taking Questions
    Bumping this thread. Is the general sentiment still the same? (that median students at WashU shouldn't feel comfortable getting biglaw in a place like Texas) I would say so. The ...
    by MidwestMan at 7:40 AM, 10-21-21
  • Law School w/o intent of being a FT lawyer?
    Tax law and possibly Patent Law (if a STEM undergrad) might interest you. Many are remote and flat rate work. There are also firms that help people incorporate and other ...
    by Jake at 8:59 PM, 10-10-21
  • Greetings
    I had a terrible 2.x undergrad GPA and 145 LSAT score and spent a couple of years at TJSL when they were ABA accredited before they academically dismissed me because ...
    by Jake at 12:51 PM, 10-10-21
Classes and Bar Study
  • What does law coursework look like?
    Today I played rocket league while waiting for my secretary to pdf a filing. ...
    by BlendedUnicorn at 6:45 PM, 11-09-21
  • Strong MBE = AUTO bar pass
    Or at least almost definitely a bar pass. Note, this is only true for states that don't have a minimum score for written parts, and only true for states with ...
    by Jake at 6:50 AM, 10-11-21
  • Marino Retaker Course
    Quality flash cards are HUGE help. I used critical pass myself . For me having physical copies to hold in my hands mattered. I didn't even realize that was an ...
    by Jake at 6:29 AM, 10-11-21
  • PSA: Do Not Pay Full Price for a Bar Course (NEGOTIATE!)
    I’d be surprised if there isn’t restriction allowing sign-on from only one device at a time. Also you’d only get one copy of the physical course material and there’s a ...
    by Jake at 12:17 PM, 10-10-21
  • FREE prep help
    Not s substitute but sure helped me. www.barprephero.com ...
    by Jake at 10:11 AM, 10-10-21
  • How did remote administration affect the July 2021 bar exam?
    So, I got bored and looked up some numbers. The short answer is, it doesn't seem to have changed things all that much. The movement we've seen in ...
    by Stranger at 11:58 AM, 10-08-21
  • 2021 Barbri Course Materials – 726 pages
    Message or comment if interested. We will conduct the transaction over PayPal for buyer and seller protection. Hardcopy: $239.00. PDF version: $39.00. What's Included: 2021 Barbri Lecture Handouts – 564 pages (substantive law) Civil ...
    by Ana Lias at 9:59 AM, 09-29-21
  • Degrees/certifications to get after JD?
    I saw the important "career goals" Q, but has anyone asked whether OP has a post-graduation job in hand? Pretty big factor ...
    by Fiero85 at 10:46 AM, 09-14-21
  • Chart of Majority Vs. Minority and Commonly Vs. Modernly/UCC
    California State I did do a search before deciding to post, but does anyone have an Excel spreadsheet of Criminal, Torts or Contrast with difference between these subjects? I am starting ...
    by ymmv at 4:10 PM, 09-05-21
  • How to learn how to do well on a law school exam
    This thread was upped by a bot, but I’m glad to have found it. What a great thread for law students! PS Getting to Maybe was great! ...
    by Story at 5:42 PM, 08-06-21
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