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Recent Discussions

Law School Admissions
  • Lewis & Clark Applicants (c/o 2022)
    I finally submitted my application today! I'm a non-traditional applicant with 5 years of WE and three kids in the Portland Metro area, so Lewis & Clark is my target ...
    by Rowdy at 3:20 PM, 02-15-19
  • What would you pay for Harvard? Should I even be considering it?
    Similar question-- would it be crazy to turn down the Rubenstein for full sticker at Harvard? I want to go into politics or public interest in DC and I see ...
    by Rowdy at 3:16 PM, 02-15-19
  • UChi c/o 2022 Applicants
    Also in today! Interviewed earlier this week. ...
    by g01denb3ar at 3:01 PM, 02-15-19
  • NYU c/o 2022 Applicants
    Got the Vanderbilt today, as well Congrats! Did you receive the offer via email or mail? If you don’t mind sharing, which time zone are you in? (I’m guessing Pacific based ...
    by g01denb3ar at 2:59 PM, 02-15-19
  • 2018-2019 SEO Applicants
    Does anyone know if they are still sending interview requests? ...
    by urmlaw18 at 2:30 PM, 02-15-19
  • 3.84, 166 MA - What are my chances at T6?
    Here is your admittedly limited LSN profile https://myLSN.info/7htdl4_1-13.jpg You're looking good within the T6, especially at Chicago and NYU. Apply broadly to the T13 and see what offers you actually find. Depending ...
    by UVA2B at 1:51 PM, 02-15-19
  • Spivey Consulting Q&A with Adcoms from Yale, Harvard, Penn, Chicago etc.
    Hi Spivey, I hope you respond. I took the LSAT 4 times so far, first was a naive attempt without preparation so I ended up with a 150, one was a ...
    by SD_Spivey_Consulting at 1:48 PM, 02-15-19
  • Columbia Law School Class of 2022 Applicants
    (Don't quote) Held. Over both 75ths. CLS was my top choice going into the cycle, the school I had one of the highest odds of getting into, the only school ...
    by George Marshall at 11:45 AM, 02-15-19
  • Georgetown Law c/o 2022 Applicants
    What about need based aid? Does the type of school affects the amount (in addition to own financial needs?). Is k60 truly the max one could get from GT? ...
    by NeverEverGiveUp at 4:03 PM, 02-14-19
  • Berkeley c/o 2022 Applicants
    Got fin aid offer today. Solid amount but definitely not competitive with other offers. Do they still do scholly matching? I read online that no, there is no more formal matching ...
    by George Marshall at 12:52 PM, 02-14-19
Classes and Bar Study
  • Class of 2021: we're basically 1.5Ls now
    Hey Y'all! Do we think most of the big law firms have made decisions on initial interviews at this point? I have some local stuff and one big law firm ...
    by law at 2:51 PM, 02-12-19
  • Penn Law C/O 2021 (Admitted Students)
    Hi all! We should all meet and bitch about/celebrate that we still don't have grades ...
    by RubyRhad at 8:47 AM, 01-21-19
  • Yale Law School c/o 2022 (Admitted Students)
    Figured it was about time to get this started. I'm not fully committed yet (and I'm sure most of you aren't), but a thread can keep us up to date ...
    by Lankhs at 5:52 PM, 01-16-19
  • Class of 2020 - [Under Construction]
    So what's everyone doing for 2L summer? My plan is to intern with a state public defender and appear in court. Also need to get started on clerkship applications soon. Exact ...
    by SpikeSeagull at 7:19 AM, 01-15-19
  • Weird law school classes
    My school has had a class on casino/gaming law before, and I’m really hoping they bring it back before I graduate that seems so interesting. i'd love to take that e: i've ...
    by Mikey at 7:03 AM, 01-14-19
  • February 2019 DC Bar Exam FYI
    Beware... 1/11/2019 Based on all available information at this time, we are still planning to administer the February 2019 bar examination as scheduled. However, we are closely monitoring any new developments ...
    by Kümmel at 7:20 PM, 01-13-19
  • C&F Lawyers
    Spoke to administration today and the deans think that this will be a non-issue provided I can explain the charge, date, and disposition of the case on my application. For ...
    by riot at 5:52 PM, 01-11-19
  • Class of 2018 - I guess we have to do jobs now
    That's exactly what my work environment is like . . . is you substitute in "14" for "8" and "not" for "still." ...
    by Door Ladder at 11:39 AM, 01-10-19
  • USC 1L Contracts
    Hey everyone, I'm wondering if there's anyone who's taken contracts with Gillian Hadfield would be willing to share their exam? She's a brand-new prof at UofT law (where I am), and ...
    by quinoa159 at 11:30 AM, 01-10-19
  • Emkay625's Guide to 1L Success
    thank you for this! if I PM you my email can you send me the documents you were talking about too? ...
    by bwinning at 10:06 AM, 01-08-19
Legal Practice and Employment
  • Asking Professors for Help Finding Internships
    Thanks, that's good to hear. Also since this prof specifically told me they've helped students secure internships and jobs before, I feel like if I started by saying "when I ...
    by 1515 at 2:16 PM, 02-15-19
  • Splitting 2L summer between two offices?
    This is becoming harder and harder to do. Outside of the 1L summer thing, you pretty much need to have both offers in hand based on what I have seen. ...
    by hotdog at 11:01 AM, 02-15-19
  • 1L/Diversity SA Thread 2019
    Anyone heard back from Ropes & Gray NYC? Had a call back with them a few weeks ago. Yes, got an offer. (T14) What was your turn around time from CB to ...
    by Guest at 6:39 AM, 02-15-19
  • Straight A's at T14
    they justify it bc scholarship money is primarily used to game their admission stats. op could be offered scholarship to prevent attrition but the impetus isn't to altruistically reward students ...
    by pancakes3 at 12:00 AM, 02-15-19
  • Plaintiffs Firm 1L summer?
    Unless your secondary market is, like, Fargo, ND, I'd guess that at least someone in the room at DPW/CSM/etc will have heard of this band 1 commercial lit firm. ...
    by beep at 11:07 PM, 02-14-19
  • 2018-2019 Post-Clerkship Hiring
    I’m coming off of 2 years of clerking. I just got an offer at my first choice firm (yay!). I was certain that if I got an offer, I would ...
    by 2017 clerk at 7:52 AM, 02-14-19
  • Has
    I'm pretty sure CLS vaguely threatened things like this re reneging on judicial 1L summer positions but I'm positive they wouldn't ever enforce a dumb policy like that ...
    by Kümmel at 5:49 PM, 02-13-19
  • What's the longest you've heard of someone waiting for USAO offer after interview?
    I’ve heard of 4-6 months being common depending on the district, and that as long as a year isn’t unheard of in some. No firsthand experience. Holy crap... a year?!? Thanks ...
    by frederickromaine at 11:57 AM, 02-13-19
  • Clerkship Bonus After Second Clerkship
    I graduated from law school in 2013. I then clerked on a district court for two years. I went to a firm that paid me a clerkship bonus for those ...
    by Guest at 8:05 PM, 02-12-19
  • Senior Associate
    Weird. In my neck of the woods we never use it for ourselves but we always use it when referring to opposing counsel. ...
    by Nony at 11:58 AM, 02-12-19