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  • Calling all JD/MHA, JD/MPH, other joint degrees
    I was a dual degree graduate, did a JD/MSW but ended up working in healthcare. Would love to connect if you are still interested in that field. I was able ...
    by BeatricESQ at 4:57 PM, 07-06-20
  • I would appreciate feedback on this cover letter!
    UPDATE: Got an interview! 🙂 congrats! GOT THE OFFER! 😀 Congrats! What were the interviews like? ...
    by wizzy at 5:24 PM, 07-02-20
  • Anyone considering going back to school?
    I've thought about going back to school to pursue something I'd actually ENJOY versus bouncing around within law in hopes that I'll find something I don't hate. Unsurprisingly, the time ...
    by tikal at 7:44 PM, 06-29-20
  • Law webinar
    I have been asked to create a webinar on business law by my boss. However, I do not have a law degree. Do I have to make a disclosure ...
    by mbajohn1990 at 9:25 PM, 06-25-20
  • Firms to target for 1L SA?
    Texas firms have large 1L SA programs, especially in Houston. Vinson & Elkins, Baker Botts, Fulbright, Bracewell, and Andrews Kurth each hire double digit 1L SAs every year. good call, I'd ...
    by Got_1L_SA at 4:34 PM, 06-25-20
  • Interview advice for a fairly niche/alternative job....
    idk but if i were you, i'd email the law librarian from my LS and try to pick their brain. ...
    by pancakes3 at 9:23 PM, 06-24-20
  • Laid off from Big Law, Considering Going into Teaching
    Thanks for the responses everyone. I've been looking into tutoring gigs, both for the LSAT and more generally. Fingers crossed on that one, my concern though is getting enough hours to ...
    by Guest at 10:45 AM, 06-12-20
  • Looking for some pre-law school career advice
    your pre-LS career won't have any bearing on your post-LS career I disagree with this in its most general form -- at my prior firm, people frequently treated pre-LS work ...
    by beep at 11:47 AM, 06-10-20
  • Feeder Judge Rankings
    Why isn't Judge Sykes (7th Cir.) on here? By my count, she's fed 3 clerks to Thomas alone in the past 10 years. ...
    by Guest at 7:25 PM, 06-09-20
  • Change of Career Post BL
    There are a lot of things to consider at this point in time, even though its good that your wife supports you think about the current situation is it the ...
    by advocatesdenverco at 12:40 PM, 06-09-20