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Law School Admissions
  • T14 Chances + Scholarships?
    Even if you feel the need to dip below Georgetown for a safety (Georgetown is kinda a safety for you), there's very little sense dipping below the Texas/UCLA/USC/Vanderbilt/WashU set unless ...
    by Stranger at 8:43 PM, 08-04-20
  • Is the "Deferral Bottleneck" Real?
    I've seen a lot of people on the interwebs worried that the 2020-21 app cycle is going to be tougher because of deferrals from last cycle filling seats ahead of ...
    by icechicken at 9:26 PM, 08-03-20
  • BREAKING NEWS: Reinstated LSAT Retake Limits
    LSAC has just announced that beginning with the October 2020 LSAT they are reinstating the retake limits first established in September 2019, but that have been suspended for all tests ...
    by DKilloranPowerScore at 3:58 PM, 08-03-20
  • Really need help for August LSAT- URM
    Yeah, I’m afraid I don’t have much advice besides “wait another year.” Improving your score in such a short period while working full time would be monumentally difficult. It’s going ...
    by ymmv at 12:40 PM, 08-03-20
  • Speeding Ticket Addendum?
    what are you addenduming? did you not answer the question? like pneumonia said: 1) if excludes minor traffic violations, just say "no" 2) if includes, say "i have 3 speeding tickets" 3) if ...
    by pancakes3 at 12:18 PM, 08-03-20
  • LSAT-flex options form / purging my test date.
    I signed up for the August LSAT date a while ago. However, when they decided to make it LSAT-flex, I decided to choose the option to purge that test date ...
    by Yellow-submarine-74 at 4:22 PM, 08-02-20
  • What are my chances? At 32 years old, Should I try to go to law-school. Please give me your honest feedback.
    What are your test scores? There is only so much studying one can do for the lsat (at least back in the day in 2010 when I took it) and ...
    by altoid at 3:58 PM, 07-30-20
  • 3.4/167 (When to Apply)
    Thank you for the response Stranger and icechicken. I really appreciate the insight. ...
    by MichiganHoosier at 2:05 PM, 07-30-20
  • 3.82 GPA from No-Name School, 170 LSAT, Extracurriculars and Internships
    Enjoy the T14 w/ $$/$$$ (depending where you go) HYS p not unless you bump up 4-5 points Just write a good PS ...
    by tofuspeedstar at 12:49 AM, 07-30-20
  • What are the best "canned brief" sources?
    @ymmv, @pancakes3, and @waldorf: Thanks for the replies. It sounds like your experience suggests that canned briefs are not helpful during 1L. I'll definitely keep this perspective in mind. Thanks ...
    by Churchill at 3:29 PM, 07-28-20
Classes and Bar Study
Legal Practice and Employment
  • LRAP/IBR/PSLF. How does it work? Let's find out!
    Thanks everyone for the help, I had lower than average law school debt and my PSLF eligible job had me close to six figures when I left so I don't ...
    by BeatricESQ at 4:30 PM, 08-04-20
  • 2L summer --> employment
    idk where you’re working but you said very large so if it’s LAS— they discretely posted hiring for 2021 a few days ago. You should apply ASAP regardless of the ...
    by Kümmel at 8:04 PM, 07-24-20
  • The Definitive Thread on North Carolina (NC) Law Firms
    anyone know how the local firms are doing right now given the downturn? From what I've seen, most are shifting all of their hiring to the spring since most law schools ...
    by Guest at 3:36 PM, 07-24-20
  • Feeder Judge Rankings
    Thank you so much for updating OP! Echoing other poster who suggested an update (not necessarily by OP, but any enterprising soul!) for the most recent / ongoing hires. Interesting ...
    by ClerkyMcClerkClerk at 3:54 PM, 07-19-20
  • When are background checks?
    On your first day you'll get your fingerprints taken by HR. HR then runs your fingerprints for a background check that takes 24 hours. ...
    by New Guy at 5:56 PM, 07-16-20
  • Calling all JD/MHA, JD/MPH, other joint degrees
    I was a dual degree graduate, did a JD/MSW but ended up working in healthcare. Would love to connect if you are still interested in that field. I was able ...
    by BeatricESQ at 4:57 PM, 07-06-20
  • I would appreciate feedback on this cover letter!
    UPDATE: Got an interview! 🙂 congrats! GOT THE OFFER! 😀 Congrats! What were the interviews like? ...
    by wizzy at 5:24 PM, 07-02-20
  • Anyone considering going back to school?
    I've thought about going back to school to pursue something I'd actually ENJOY versus bouncing around within law in hopes that I'll find something I don't hate. Unsurprisingly, the time ...
    by tikal at 7:44 PM, 06-29-20
  • Law webinar
    I have been asked to create a webinar on business law by my boss. However, I do not have a law degree. Do I have to make a disclosure ...
    by mbajohn1990 at 9:25 PM, 06-25-20
  • Firms to target for 1L SA?
    Texas firms have large 1L SA programs, especially in Houston. Vinson & Elkins, Baker Botts, Fulbright, Bracewell, and Andrews Kurth each hire double digit 1L SAs every year. good call, I'd ...
    by Got_1L_SA at 4:34 PM, 06-25-20