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Law School Admissions
Classes and Bar Study
  • WTO / compliance
    @Blendedunicorn: thank you! this explains so much. I was so focused on the Biden admin, that I forgot about the dark time before und repressed the fact, that ...
    by Story at 7:49 AM, 04-30-21
  • What does law coursework look like?
    . ...
    by DankHill at 12:50 AM, 03-14-21
  • PSA: Do Not Pay Full Price for a Bar Course (NEGOTIATE!)
    Similarly, Kaplan had a buy one get one free type deal. If one person pays for a course, a friend pursuing a PI job can get the course for free. ...
    by Kümmel at 3:23 PM, 02-01-21
  • LSL Outline Database: Open Call for Law School Outlines!
    Does anyone have an Employment Law Outline? Particularly keyed to Employment Law 6th Edition by Willborn. Thank you! ...
    by Littlewing67 at 3:40 PM, 01-26-21
  • How to learn how to do well on a law school exam
    I realize this is an old thread, but I thought I would chime in with a method that helped me as I transitioned from 1L to 2L. I saw a ...
    by pipedream at 11:26 PM, 01-21-21
  • How Can I Find a Second Data Point to Estimate Class Rank?
    Thanks Stranger, that helps! ...
    by Churchill at 2:58 PM, 01-09-21
  • legal podcasts
    Tagging in. From a practical, local standpoint, the Texas Appellate Law podcast is a good one. But it is both very practical and very local (a recent one was on ...
    by bvest at 3:20 PM, 12-08-20
    Does your school not have a legal writing program where 2/3Ls or practitioners review and critique your work? If not, what school is it so we can shame them for ...
    by UVA2B at 6:17 AM, 12-04-20
  • Marino Retaker Course
    I actually was considering using Marino Bar Review to take the exam for my second try at it. I skipped the remote exam my state gave in October for a ...
    by MBarb at 1:12 PM, 11-18-20
  • Legal writing symbols program (§, ¶, —...)
    Hi everyone -- and particularly those taking Legal Research & Writing this semester -- we wanted to let you know about some software that we're offering 100% free for students ...
    by lawcuts at 11:07 PM, 10-30-20
Legal Practice and Employment
  • So you want to be a Sailor (Marine, Soldier, Airman, etc...) (AMA)
    It has been nearly three decades since I was at MCRD San Diego. I am glad to see this news. https://www.cnn.com/2021/05/07/us/marines-women-platoon-integrated-company-trnd/index.html 21 years here. It's about time. ...
    by 200MPHTape at 4:47 PM, 05-10-21
  • Anyone here who left a safe/golden-handcuffs career?
    interesting. yeah with money being somewhat same it makes sense. anyone here who left a lot of money to pursue something much low-paying or get a degree pure out of interest/passion? Haven't ...
    by 64Fl at 8:44 PM, 04-29-21
  • CS career megathread / AMA
    Hi! Kind of a strange question, but I have a quick question about pivoting from a career *in* tech to a career in law school. I was really lucky and ...
    by waldorf at 7:35 PM, 04-23-21
  • Has Covid-19 impacted PI/Gov hiring or am I just a loser?
    . ...
    by DankHill at 7:23 PM, 04-22-21
  • Plaintiffs firms and lit boutiques
    I would apply broadly. Don’t limit yourself to just these lit boutiques. ...
    by Story at 9:54 PM, 04-19-21
  • LRAP/IBR/PSLF. How does it work? Let's find out!
    I expect that in the next 2-3 years we start seeing a much higher percentage of successful PSLF discharges and ramp up from there. If I remember correctly, law schools ...
    by twenty at 9:47 AM, 04-12-21
  • Careers in legal aid
    The offices in the small towns certainly are, but I'm based in one of the metro areas where they're more specialized. I'm not super picky though, so at least at ...
    by sev at 8:58 PM, 04-07-21
  • I'm a Public Defender AMA
    Just got hired as a PD. I’m going to be thrown into the fire of misdemeanors. I know much of this varies by state and even county, but is there ...
    by Borhas at 11:42 AM, 03-18-21
  • Freddie Mac
    I used to do some deal work with Freddie and their lawyers seemed to keep pretty reasonable hours. Not sure about anything else. ...
    by BlendedUnicorn at 11:28 PM, 03-09-21
  • "Why did you do a big law internship your 2L summer?""
    Thanks all! Also, just realized I posted this in the wrong thread lol. I meant to post this in my other one about public interest and Covid. Oops. ...
    by Saami at 6:20 PM, 03-08-21