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Law School Admissions
  • How Can I Prepare for Law School Exams as a 0L?
    More generally, thinking about law school in terms of "getting ahead of the competition" probably isn't going to help you much as a mindset. In fact it's a good shortcut ...
    by HelloYesThisIsDog at 11:02 AM, 02-26-20
  • Transferring, and letter of good standing...
    A letter of good standing is really just an administrative thing saying you weren't on academic probation/hadn't failed out/hadn't been kicked out or put on probation for disciplinary reasons. If ...
    by Nony at 4:31 PM, 02-10-20
  • Harvard c/o 2022 Applicants
    ~gropius squad~ we should all coordinate what kitchen appliances we bring once we get building assignments js Hahahaha nice of you to assume I know how to cook. What she's cook? ...
    by Audebert03 at 2:00 PM, 02-06-20
  • Harvard Students and Grads Taking Questions
    I did zero journals in law school and it’s probably the best decision I made. Take a PLAP case instead. I definitely agree, a PLAP case is a much better use ...
    by Cannonballer at 10:35 AM, 02-05-20
  • NYU Students/Grads Taking Questions
    Brilliant. Thank you both! ...
    by John Roberts at 1:35 PM, 02-03-20
  • Applying after seat deposit
    It would depend on the specific language of the seat deposit, but most schools would require you to withdraw from consideration at other schools if you weren't going to ride ...
    by Slytherpuff at 3:52 PM, 01-27-20
  • Spivey Consulting Q&A with Adcoms from Yale, Harvard, Penn, Chicago etc.
    Hi Spivey and friends, is there an issue about retaking the LSAT after applying pending decisions from schools? (primarily for t14-t20) ...
    by Faustian89 at 4:37 PM, 01-21-20
  • Waitlist-April retake?
    April works fine for the extremely narrow purpose of trying to get off of waitlists, but if you've made it to that point then you should be seriously contemplating re-applying ...
    by icechicken at 12:44 PM, 01-19-20
  • T14-T20 numbers puzzle
    It seems high 160+ scoring AA test takers (top 2%) have increased in the past few years. The well known thread “blacks by the numbers” on TLS among 160+ scoring ...
    by Faustian89 at 5:49 PM, 01-18-20
  • Remaining LSAT Dates for 2020 and early 2021
    Just announced. 2020: Mon, June 8—12:30 PM Mon, July 13—12:30 PM Sat, August 29—8:30 AM Sat, October 3—8:30 AM Sat, November 14—8:30 AM 2021: Sat, January 16—8:30 AM Sat, February 20—8:30 AM Sat, April 10—8:30 AM ...
    by PowerScoreAdmin at 9:20 AM, 01-17-20
Classes and Bar Study
Legal Practice and Employment
    We will represent you to the top employers in your field. We want to get to know you in order to become a coach, mentor and most importantly your advocate ...
    by tlssdenverco at 6:36 AM, 02-28-20
  • 1L USAO Intern Background Check?
    Call the person who made you the offer (or whoever you interviewed with - I would say an attorney, but in a big office a non-attorney may run the program, ...
    by Guest at 2:17 PM, 02-21-20
  • Japan Summer Associate
    Has anyone here summered at a non-US Japanese firm? Can you please share or PM me your experience? I am interested in knowing more about pay and work culture. Tx ...
    by NeverEverGiveUp at 12:41 PM, 02-20-20
  • Getting Married by My Judge
    During my 1L summer judicial internship, my judge officiated for the clerk's wedding. You'd probably want to say or email something direct like "Judge, I'm getting married on Date X, ...
    by CS1775 at 7:06 AM, 02-19-20
  • Hanging a shingle?
    The most important part of hanging a shingle is keeping costs down. As a starting solo, you only need 3 things: (1) cell phone, (2) business cards, ...
    by shingle at 9:29 PM, 02-13-20
  • Taft Stettinius & Hollister
    Anyone know what their salaries are for mid-level associates? ...
    by Midwest at 3:42 PM, 02-13-20
  • 50 Market Survey (Secondary Market Advice Compilation)
    I'm happy to share some knowledge about Minneapolis. A brief primer on the market: The State of Minnesota enjoys a robust and diversified economy. The excellent quality of life in ...
    by Dakota at 7:58 AM, 02-13-20
  • Marking up an NDA exercise for in-house position interview
    Residuals. Look out for those as they may slip it in (even if it's called something else) ...
    by attorneyorlawyer at 10:48 PM, 02-12-20
  • LRAP/IBR/PSLF. How does it work? Let's find out!
    It's that time of the year again! https://www.marketwatch.com/story/the-trump-administration-proposes-eliminating-public-service-loan-forgiveness-2019-03-12 It's that time of the year again! https://twitter.com/DebtCrisisOrg/status/1226979122427113472?s=19 ...
    by Nebby at 4:21 PM, 02-10-20
  • Feeder Judge Rankings
    I've updated the original post with the newest numbers, based on both the ATL post and knowledge of otherwise unreported hires. Some stray thoughts: For those interested in what the next five ...
    by SCOTUS Twerk at 10:36 AM, 02-06-20