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Law School Admissions
  • Harvard Students and Grads Taking Questions
    If I'm living in the dorms, do you think buying the discounted MBTA pass would be a good investment? I'm not from the area, so I don't know how often ...
    by Borges_and_barbells at 11:44 PM, 08-19-19
  • Dropping Out and Reapplying
    Would you recommend massmailing even firms to whom I have already applied directly but gotten silence? What about firms with whom I screened at OCI but got nothing but silence? Point ...
    by WEED_QUESTIONER_420 at 1:21 PM, 08-19-19
  • PS overlap with resume
    Thanks so much for these responses! So yes, it is a narrative and (hopefully) not just a rehash. Some of the positions/opportunities I've had as an undergrad are achievements of ...
    by JennaSayKwah at 3:48 PM, 08-13-19
  • Rowdy's Guide to the LSAT
    Thanks for the information! This has been really helpful. Curiosity question: How much of someone's LSAT score is a result of innate intelligence? i.e.; Do you believe there is a ...
    by icechicken at 11:19 AM, 08-12-19
  • New online Ranking tool - My Rank
    This is legit. Would have saved me hours with spreadsheets during my cycle. ...
    by Rowdy at 7:06 AM, 08-09-19
  • Are LRAPs Reliable?
    Sick burn, nebs. ...
    by UVA2B at 8:14 PM, 08-07-19
  • Berkeley/Boalt Students and Graduates Taking Questions
    Could anyone recommend hornbooks and/or commercial OLs for the following classes? Property (Narechania) Civil Procedure (Fisk) Torts (Syed) ...
    by BestWestNest at 1:31 AM, 08-07-19
  • Old Fart Support Group
    I learned very quickly to take time off work that coincides with the random holidays school actually observes, spring break, and between semesters to keep my sanity with working ...
    by DorkothyParker at 11:11 AM, 08-06-19
  • Has anyone ever filed a complaint about testing conditions? My test fell apart
    Sorry to hear, but if your gripe is that you're going to have to sit out a cycle, I'm not sure what can be done about it No, this is ...
    by DOT at 1:33 PM, 08-02-19
  • 3.88 / 166 AA URM
    Obviously, data for URMs, especially AAs, is sparse, so this is going to be less reliable than my usual analysis. Searching within one point of your LSAT score and ...
    by Stranger at 5:07 AM, 08-02-19
Classes and Bar Study
Legal Practice and Employment
  • Cover Letter Word Limit- how strict?
    It's really just one page. I don't know what 400 (or 440) words look like, but if it's looking too crowded, you probably want to cut some stuff. ...
    by lolwat at 3:20 PM, 08-19-19
  • Federal Defender Taking Questions
    I'm an Assistant Federal Public Defender. Ask me anything! How helpful is a federal clerkship in the career path to becoming a Federal PD? Do FPD offices hire attorneys from civil legal ...
    by Echos Myron at 1:20 PM, 08-19-19
  • Unlocking 1L SAs
    The NALP standard on December 1 no longer exists I'm pretty sure. Whether and/or how that affects timing, I have no comment. Absolutely true, and it'll be an interesting shift for ...
    by UVA2B at 8:16 PM, 08-18-19
  • CS career megathread / AMA
    also have a couple phone screens coming up. opendoor and lyft possibly. ...
    by app at 4:01 PM, 08-18-19
  • What to do for 3L Spring?
    I think your gut instinct is correct - go with the internship with the appellate unit. Working with the solo is the least preferable of your three options imo. ...
    by pancakes3 at 5:01 AM, 08-18-19
  • did I get an offer? Disclaimer: I am stupid
    doesn't sound like an offer, sorry ...
    by Danger Zone at 7:25 AM, 08-17-19
    a) ~160 attorney, regional firm. b) Graduated 2016, been here 1 month. c) Primary d) 170k, unsure on bonus, good amount paid towards health/dental but I pay around 30 a month, 401k matching, ...
    by Guest at 10:57 AM, 08-16-19
  • Memo due at Summer Job
    What summer program is still going? ...
    by Jubo at 2:25 PM, 08-15-19
  • Quiver's Guide to (Federal) Clerkships
    Quick question, when some clerkships ask for undergraduate transcript, do they want to see grades from community colleges, exchange programs, etc? I am trying to see if the process is ...
    by lolwat at 1:09 PM, 08-15-19
  • What was your first law job/salary & where are you now?
    1. Regional T50 School. 2. 2016 3. Small law, 75k, stayed there 3 years. 4. Big law, market salary as a 4th year. Major market, no niche, just got lucky. The small firm I ...
    by Guest at 9:01 AM, 08-15-19