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Recent Discussions

Law School Admissions
  • Employment Statistics by School - C/O 2018 rolling out + C/O 2012-2017 data
    West Virginia - 20.4% (-0.4%) ...
    by MT Cicero at 7:12 AM, 04-23-19
  • Ads and promo codes for LSAT prep services
    Hey everyone, Saw this and figured I’d make a post for the forum. You can get 10% off my courses on LSAT Hacks with the code lslife10 Course: For thise just starting ...
    by Graeme - LSAT Hacks at 4:11 AM, 04-23-19
  • 2018-2019 SEO Applicants
    I think the reddit post was meant to mean that May 3rd was the latest we would hear by. Not that we would hear on may 3rd. I think SEO ...
    by g01denb3ar at 5:40 PM, 04-22-19
  • Spivey Consulting Q&A with Adcoms from Yale, Harvard, Penn, Chicago etc.
    Hello, I am reapplying to law schools this upcoming cycle after applying in 2017-2018. I was previously accepted to my top choice but decided I was not ready to attend ...
    by SD_Spivey_Consulting at 9:28 AM, 04-22-19
  • 169 LSAT No GPA MA
    Huh, this is interesting. I'm not quite sure you need to reach as far down as top 50 or lower ranked local schools, but that may depend on how ...
    by lolwat at 7:52 AM, 04-22-19
  • LSL c/o 2022 Applicants
    STILL waiting for Chicago to get back to me, haha. If they hit me with the Ruby, I think I'll be taking it. If not, I'll be at Yale this ...
    by Lankhs at 5:56 PM, 04-21-19
  • HLS ($$) vs. UVA ($$$)
    There isn’t any harm in waiting out your WLs, but you should probably pick between your two best options in the interim. If you want to push for HK immediately ...
    by quiver at 3:38 PM, 04-21-19
  • HLS Orientation Schedule?
    Bumping this mostly because I just saw it... Not sure if anyone else is interested, but archive.org has access to two versions of the HLS Orientation schedule (not last year's, ...
    by MonicaYoung_LOL at 1:27 PM, 04-21-19
  • Rowdy's Guide to the LSAT
    Thanks for the information! This has been really helpful. Curiosity question: How much of someone's LSAT score is a result of innate intelligence? i.e.; Do you believe there is a ...
    by Boxer189 at 6:33 AM, 04-21-19
  • Illinois $$$$ vs Indiana Bloomington $$$
    Definitely Illinois ...
    by Echos Myron at 7:28 PM, 04-20-19
Classes and Bar Study
  • Submitting a controversial paper to a writing competition?
    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with publishing something on a controversial topic, but if you don’t actually agree with what you’re advocating I definitely wouldn’t submit to a competition ...
    by Nony at 9:44 AM, 04-22-19
  • Class of 2021: we're basically 1.5Ls now
    Hey guys! I posted on reddit, but maybe you guys could help me. I'm taking an elective this semester and there are no past outlines for the class. My professor ...
    by NYUBound at 2:52 PM, 04-20-19
  • Bar Exam Burnout?
    One thing that helped me was to have "unwinding" activities that didn't tax my brain. Whereas I would usually spend evenings playing thought-intensive video games when I wasn't studying for ...
    by DOT at 12:02 PM, 04-19-19
  • Auction Sale: Kaplan NY Bar ( UBE) 2018, Barbri Flashcards and NCBE past papers
    I'm selling NY Bar Exam materials to anyone living in London, UK. Please see below link to ebay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/133027555186?redirect=mobile ...
    by Hopetohavepassed at 9:11 AM, 04-19-19
  • Columbia: using cross-registration to gun for Kent/Stone?
    I love angleshooting as much as the next person, but this seems insane? ...
    by DOT at 12:21 PM, 04-17-19
  • Do you underline the period in Id.?
    The (non-boomer) appellate guru in my office underlines rather than italicizes and it baffles me. I don’t think our COA even requires underlining. At least from the documents I've seen, USAOs ...
    by CS1775 at 3:18 AM, 04-17-19
  • Weird law school classes
    Goddamn. I wish I could take those kinds of classes. I liked the "Law and X" classes though. They were more fun topic-wise than the heavy substantive stuff, and ...
    by lolwat at 11:42 AM, 04-12-19
  • Quiver's Guide to 1L Success
    What was your rank after 1L and what tier of school did you achieve this rank? Top 5 at T2. Then transferred to CCN. ...
    by quiver at 5:02 PM, 03-25-19
  • Selling Critical Pass MBE Flashcards
    No writing/underlining on the cards; set dates from 2018. Please message me if you'd like to purchase them for the July bar! 🙂 ...
    by tikal at 1:49 AM, 03-19-19
  • Selling Emanuel MBE, Critical Pass and Law in a Flash MBE
    I would say a combination of Strategies & Tactics, Critical Pass, and The GOAT MBE. I used all of them this time and I passed in Ohio. If I ...
    by Henrybax at 1:55 AM, 03-17-19
Legal Practice and Employment
  • Good idea for networking? How to approach?
    How do you reach out? Do you just send an email (should it be short or long) and do you jsut say I am a 1L at this school. I ...
    by CS1775 at 6:28 AM, 04-23-19
  • Trial Exhaustion
    They’re often that horrible combo of boring and stressful. Like I can actually be bored by a witness I’m examining at the same time that I’m stressed because I’m examining ...
    by Nony at 10:50 AM, 04-22-19
  • Fed magistrate or fed public defender for 2L fall
    If you haven't decided yet definitely do FPD. ...
    by BlendedUnicorn at 10:38 AM, 04-22-19
  • Biglaw 2L SA to PI
    PSJD is de rigueur to find public interest employers and positions. The Vermont Guide to state clerkships also is a good starting point assuming you want to do state clerkship ...
    by CS1775 at 1:33 AM, 04-22-19
  • Remote legal jobs
    Hanging out your own shingle would allow you to do this, no joke. And hopefully you would earn more than $25k-30k. The problem is you would have to meet with ...
    by CS1775 at 12:53 AM, 04-22-19
  • Senate Judiciary Committee Clerkship Interview
    Honestly, I am not sure. My application was submitted based on a telephone conversation with his office and then chief counsel. He did not post the position. All I know ...
    by N0Sp0ilers at 7:09 AM, 04-21-19
  • Clerkship Time
    I'm slow at responding these days but feel free to PM me if you've got any questions, etc... Henrybax -- I'd say it's tough but not impossible from your school if ...
    by lolwat at 12:19 PM, 04-20-19
  • Two Interviews on the Same Court on the Same Day
    Oh, and to make things more complicated, the second judge is being appointed to a higher court in a more desirable city. That's where the preference comes in. ...
    by ClerkshipQuestion at 4:32 PM, 04-19-19
  • COA Clerkship Chances and Questions
    Ancedotally, I know of people in the top 25% (outside top 10%) land CoA clerkships from my T20, although it was a local circuit (judge sits in the same city ...
    by Anon 1 at 7:42 AM, 04-19-19
  • Lateral bonus negotiations
    Their offer was for full bonus if I hit prorated hours. I called them up and said nope, I need the bonus this year. We’ll see how that goes. ...
    by 3rdlateral at 10:12 PM, 04-16-19